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January 10, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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Do you know where the color of the egg yolk comes from?

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China is the world's largest egg producer and consumer, accounting for about 40% of global consumption. When people consume eggs, the color of egg yolk is an important indicator for consumers to measure the quality of eggs. Where does the color of egg yolk come from? Most consumers prefer beautiful, orange-red egg yolks. How does the color of the egg yolk come from?


Antioxidants such as carotenoids and lutein are naturally present in algae, plants and fungi. In the case of citrus, if the bird eats these foods, the carotenoids in these foods will deposit in the epidermis, subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous fat of the animal, and also in the follicles (yolk yolk) of the birds. This is the source of the color of the egg yolk. However, if the laying hen is in poor health, the carotenoids in the body will be consumed as a large amount of antioxidants, and the amount of carotenoids deposited in the yolk will become lighter, and the color of the yolk will become lighter.


Feed lutein is a carotenoid feed product mainly owned by Rainer Bio. It is a kind of natural carotenoid. It is a recognized feed additive product in the world including EU, Japan, USA, Latin America, Asia Pacific and China. A carotenoid product that can be safely used in poultry production. After a large number of customers' actual use, it is safe and reliable for humans and animals.

 Marigold extract for animal feed

Feed lutein is a carotenoid with anti-oxidation effect, which can improve the structure of egg yolk membrane, improve the strength of egg yolk and improve the quality of egg yolk. Eating egg yolk containing carotenoids can get more antioxidants and good for your health.


The global regulation of food safety is becoming more and more strict. Feed lutein is an intentional nutritive substance, safe and effective, and is a high-quality feed additive for animals.

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