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January 10, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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New technology to create ‘royal sweetener’

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The application of extraction technology in making sweetener from stevia plant creates a type of sugar 300 times sweeter than refined sugar.


The type of sugar does not ferment, contains little energy and does not disintegrate. It tastes delicious and can replace sugar in people’s daily use.


Stevia rebaudiana has been on the radar of the plant extract industry for quite a long time.


However, stevia plants fell into oblivion because of many reasons. The demand was low because people were not aware of its importance, while the extraction technology was too complicated, which made the production cost high.


However, the stevia plant recently regained its important position as experts have advised to use the plant as a kind of natural sweetener instead of refined sugar. People now tend to use stevia because it helps reduce the risk for obesity and prevent some diseases.


Under the stevioside extraction technology used widely in the world, scientists use an organic solvent, mostly methanol or mixture of methanol and water. The process is complicated with many stages needed, which is costly.


The technology has been used for many years as the only extraction solution, though scientists understand that organic solvents are toxic and cause environmental pollution. In general, countries have to spend big money to treat the waste discharged by the extraction process.

 Stevia extract

Under the new extraction process, stevioside in stevia plant is extracted mostly by water at the temperature of 1000oC and some supplement mineral salt substances which help stabilize the concentration of extract.  The extracts can be collected with a centrifuge which exclude residues.


Raw extracts of a dark color will be treated with diatomite and then refined with activated carbon. The extract fluid to be collected will be pure and colorless.

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