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Phytotherapy Plants that Heal

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One of the Nurture Farmacists gave me a quick lesson on phytotherapy focusing on 10 plants that heal:


Altamisa-This plant is wrapped in a banana leaf and heated over fire. The extract is then taken pure to treat kabag or gas pain, indigestion, and dysmennorhea. It is also said to have antibacterial properties good for post pregnancy.


Oregano-This plant is rubbed on the skin to treat acne and dandruff. It can also be boiled or heated to get the extract to relieve cough and colds.


Taheebo - This plant has antimicrobial properties, which can prevent or alleviate symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). This is usually prepared and drunk as tea.

 plant extracts

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Akapulko -The leaves are crushed and rubbed on to the affected area. This is used to treat skin diseases like buni or ringworm, which is caused by fungal infection.


Katakataka-As simple as pounding the leaves will release cool fluid that will make you feel better when you are feverish. Apply the leaf onto the forehead. This plant also relieves throbbing pain, especially from wounds.


Mayana - This reddish plant can be applied to treat bruises, bukol or lumps, itchiness, and skin allergy.


Pansit pansitan-This herb is steamed and eaten first thing in the morning to help control blood glucose level for people with diabetes or insulin resistance.


Sulasi - A single sniff of this aromatic herb is more powerful than ammonia when used for fainting spells. It also relieves dizziness. Crush leaves and apply to temple area.


Pandakaki - This plant is often boiled to ease stomachache. When crushed, it releases a white extract that can be applied to areas pricked with thorns for easy removal.


Turmeric-Commonly known as luyang dilaw, this plant has anti inflammatory properties that can prevent diseases like cancer. It can be added to recipes or drunk in the form of tea.



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