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January 10, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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Plant Extracts Slow Yeast Aging, Could Work in Humans

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A concoction of six plant extracts slowed the aging processes of yeast and are among the most promising anti-aging materials yet found, according to new research by a team of scientists at Concordia University.


The molecules, they say, also hold a Fountain-of-Youth-like potential for slowing the ravaging march of time in human cells.


The six extracts worked in hormetic response (small, beneficial doses) to apparently increase mitochondrial respiration, reduce concentrations of reactive oxygen and oxidative damage to proteins and genomes, and enhance the cells’ overall resistance to oxidative and thermal stresses, among other purported benefits.

 plant extracts

The six extracts were selected from 10,000 trials, according to the study, published today in the journal Oncotarget.


They are: black cohosh, valerian herb, purple passion flower, celery, Ginkgo biloba, and the bark of a white willow tree found in Europe and Asia.


“In total, we found six new groups of molecules that decelerate the chronological aging of yeast,” said Vladimir Titorenko, a professor of biology at Concordia University and the study’s senior author. “These results also provide new insights into mechanisms through which chemical extracted from certain plants can slow biological aging.”


The group of carefully-selected molecules were administered to the yeast in a growth culture at the low levels. The willow bark in particular appeared to have a dramatic response, extending the lifespan of yeast by up to 475 percent, according to the research.


“Our screen revealed six plant extracts that increase yeast chronological lifespan considerably more efficiently than any of the longevity-extending chemical compounds yet described,” the authors conclude.


The work was a collaboration with Éric Simard, who is the founder of the Québecois biotech company Idunn Technologies, named for the Norse goddess of youth.


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