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January 10, 2020
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White Kidney Bean Extract Can Reduce Carbohydrate Calorie Absorption

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The data in the "China Blue Paper on Obesity Prevention and Control" released by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2019 shows that the current proportion of overweight and obesity in China is more than 40% of the monitored population, and 10% -20% of children are also overweight and obese The disease rate caused by obesity continues to increase. Some of our common chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, fatty liver, etc., joint diseases and depression are closely related to obesity.


With the improvement of living standards, the proportion of obesity in our country is increasing.


White Kidney Bean Extract

One of the "culprits" causing obesity: excessive carbohydrates


Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the human body, and are also very easy to use energy. After the human body eats carbohydrates, it will quickly digest and break down into various sugars and enter the blood to provide energy to the body. In a sense, eating carbohydrates is eating sugar. Eating carbohydrates in moderation will help keep the body's energy constant. However, excessive consumption of carbohydrates stores energy in the form of glycogen, and excess energy that cannot be consumed is converted into fat and stored in the body.


According to the recommendations of the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents", the daily intake of cereals and potatoes is between 250-400 grams, and the energy provided by carbohydrates reaches 50% -60%. In addition to the daily buns, rice, and noodles, there are many sources of carbohydrates in the meal. Various root vegetables such as potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes, lotus root, etc. Various snacks, biscuits, bread, instant noodles, desserts, potato chips, energy bars, candy, drinks, etc. Beans and some fruits also contain carbon water. East Asians who eat carbohydrates as their staple foods, daily intake of carbohydrates far exceeds the recommended standard amount, which is also one of the important "culprits" leading to Chinese obesity.


White kidney bean extract: reduces carbohydrate calorie absorption

Carbohydrates are our main energy source, and they are very common in our food. It is difficult to cut off carbohydrates, but we can reduce the calorie absorption of carbohydrates in another way.


White kidney bean extract is an inhibitory enzyme extracted from white kidney beans, also known as α-amylase inhibitor protein. By inhibiting the activity of amylase in saliva and intestines, it reduces the digestion and absorption of starch in food by the human body, and at the same time reduces the decomposition of starch and the conversion into sugar.


At present, scientists have extracted α-amylase inhibitor protein from wheat, barley, sorghum, kidney bean, yam, etc., but only the α-amylase inhibitor protein in white kidney beans and wheat has an inhibitory effect on mammalian amylase. Compared with wheat, the extraction rate is not high, the cost is too high, the research and development and production technology of white kidney bean α-amylase inhibitor protein is more mature, and it has good development value and commercial promotion value.


As early as the 1950s, German scientists discovered α-amylase inhibitor protein in white kidney beans, and confirmed that the substance can effectively inhibit the activity of amylase, thereby effectively reducing the body's absorption of carbohydrates. In the 1990s, the United States began to study the application of white kidney bean extract. In 2003, such products appeared in the North American market. Currently, there are many types of weight management products with white kidney bean extract as the main component.


White kidney bean extract reduces carbohydrate calorie absorption

After the human body consumes the white kidney bean extract, the α-amylase inhibitor protein and α-amylase combine to form a ring-shaped structure that encases the amylase, causing the amylase to decompose and absorb the starch, thereby expelling the non-absorbable starch from the body.


To put it in a more direct explanation: After the human body ingests food, the body produces various enzymes to digest the food. These enzymes are like a pair of "little scissors", corresponding to the protein, fat, starch and other substances in food shredded into small molecules that are easily absorbed.


If we try to put a "protective sleeve" on these "little scissors" to prevent the "little scissors" from working properly, it will cause that part of the food ingested cannot be absorbed by the body and can only be excreted from the body.


White kidney bean extract is a "protective cover" for digestive enzymes of starchy foods. It separates amylases and starches so that starchy foods cannot be crushed. Small molecules that can be absorbed by the human body can only be excreted from the body, thereby reducing the calories of starchy foods. Intake.


In addition, because the white kidney bean extract can inhibit or delay the decomposition of carbohydrates ingested into sugar, thereby avoiding the increase of postprandial blood glucose concentration, it also has a certain effect on auxiliary blood sugar management, which is currently being studied by scientists direction.


As a common food, white kidney bean extract does not affect the absorption and metabolism of other nutrients, does not affect the nerve center, nor enters the blood circulation, and does not cause any burden to other organs of the body. The most important thing is not to control appetite deliberately, nor to change the original eating habits.


Seize the weight management market with "no bogey"


According to the data of "China's Weight Management Industry Development Status and Prospect Market Development Strategy Research Report 2019-2024", China's weight management product market size was 13.37 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 16.6% year-on-year. It is expected that the size of China's weight management market will maintain a double-digit growth rate of nearly 10% -20%, and the product size of China's weight management market will reach 24.6 billion yuan by 2021.


With the continuous improvement of living standards, weight management will remain the most popular health topic in the next 10 years or even 20 years. . With the continuous younger consumer groups, it also adds more imagination to this industry.


For the post-90s and post-95s, the main consumers of weight management products. The weight management requirement is to expect to lose excess fat in a free, relaxed environment in a healthy, simple, and painless way. Whoever can make their products (food, health products, beverages, etc.) have the characteristics of "not taboo", who will win the future market. The white kidney bean extract reduces digestion and absorption of starchy foods, thereby reducing the caloric intake of starchy foods. It only needs to be consumed before meals, which is in line with the simple and convenient characteristics of no diet, taboos, and exercise.

White kidney bean extract has been widely used in meal replacement biscuits, meal replacement powder, meal replacement bars, solid drinks, coffee, tablet candy, jelly, milk shakes, meat products, pet foods that are popular among young people on the market. And condiments. In the fiercely competitive weight management food market, give your brand more topicality and communication, so that young people are more willing to accept and share. Only in this way can the market share of the product be maintained.

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