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Aromatherapy Trend Growing Among Pet Owners

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Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts and natural oils to enhance the mind and body.The technique is now being used on animals too. Using essential oils on your pet may sound a little strange, even high maintenance at first. But it's not just a Hollywood trend, it's picking up popularity right here in northwest Florida.


Diana Pereira specializes in aromatherapy. It's not uncommon for her clients to have four legs.


Using essential oils on your pets, she says, can help them overcome nervousness, anxiety, muscle spasms and injuries. The same process used around the world by many people is scientifically proven to have the same effect on animals.


"It goes through your nasal passages, into the amygdala, which is the part of your brain that controls your heart rate, your blood pressure, and your emotions, all of those things," said Diana Pereira. "Basically, anything that changes in a heartbeat that we really don't have a lot of control over usually."


Animal aromatherapy has been in practice for more than 10 years. The most noticeable effect: results are almost instant.

"Essential oils hit the blood stream in 30 seconds, so you will see a quick response," said Diana. "There's no waiting 30 minutes or an hour, whatever the case may be, and it's not habit forming, so it's not going to put toxicity into the animal and hurt the animal in any way."

 Essential oils

There are a few differences between treating a person versus a pet.


"You have to be careful, because there are many oils that your animal cannot tolerate," said Diana. "Melaleuca, winter green, their livers just cannot metabolize them. But, lavender frankincense, for animals are across the board always your first go-to that will help support all of those body systems."


I'm told the best places to apply essential oils on your pet are on the base of the tail, scruff of the neck, or even better: between the toes on the paws.

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