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Bilberry Juice Improves Cardiovascular Health

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Bilberry Juice-Improves Cardiovascular Health

Bilberry is a small purple-blue or purple-red berry from Northern Europe. The main active ingredient is anthocyanin. The appearance of bilberry is very similar to blueberry, but compared with blueberry, the content of anthocyanin in bilberry is 4-5 times higher. It contains a lot of flavonoids, of which anthocyanins are the main ones, including anthocyanins. Cyanidin, delphinium, paeoniflorin, petunidin, cotton sunflower, etc. and its nougat, arabinose and glucoside have better health effects.


An experimental study conducted by the University of Helsinki in Finland found that long-term consumption of bilberry juice helps reduce elevated blood pressure and low-grade inflammation, which is related to high blood pressure and excessive salt intake. It is reported that this research was conducted in the study of how polyphenol foods have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

 Blueberry Juice

The author of the study, Anne Kivimäki, said that this is the first study of the effects of bilberry products on blood pressure, hypertension and arterial function. This research has laid a good foundation for the clinical research of bilberry products. Bilberry juice seems to be a good nutritional factor in a healthy diet that promotes cardiovascular health. In Kivimäki's doctoral dissertation, he began to explore whether cranberry, blackcurrant and bilberry juice would affect the occurrence of vascular dysfunction, high blood pressure and low-grade inflammation. In addition, Kivimäki also studied how bilberry juice affects kidney function and inflammation in salt-containing rats.


Over a period of eight to ten weeks, the study explored the effects of cold-pressed cranberry juice, cranberry juice, and blackcurrant juice on rats with hereditary hypertension. Kivimaki found that bilberry juice can enhance blood vessel function, reduce systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure. In addition, bilberry also has anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic effects. In the study, Kivimäki only used cold compressed juices that were added randomly. However, she emphasized that raw, dried or powdered bilberries are also considered healthy. But research also pointed out that bilberry juice cannot replace drugs, but it can be used as a good dietary supplement. At the same time, direct conclusions about the effects of other types of bilberry products are not within the scope of its research.


Bilberry Nutrients And Functional Ingredients

The paper emphasized that bilberry is the most productive forest berry in Finland. According to the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare database, every 100 grams of bilberry contains about 56 kcal of energy, 2.6 grams of fiber and 8.2 grams of sugar, most of which are fructose and glucose. But bilberry is also rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, B and K, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. The content of bilberry anthocyanins in fresh fruits is 0.3%-0.7%. The functional ingredients are very rich, which is very conducive to the conversion of functions. Based on these beneficial health characteristics, Kivimaki regards this berry as a "real super food" for future nutritional products ", and advocate innovative bilberry products.


In order to continue research on berries, Kivimäki encourages other scientists to conduct more research on the cardiovascular effects of bilberries. She said she will continue to study the effects of bilberry on the cardiovascular system. Although this study showed that the juice lowered blood pressure levels in rats with hypertension, it did not prevent the hereditary increase in blood pressure in young spontaneously hypertensive rats. Therefore, further research is needed to clarify the effect of dose and rule out errors in blood pressure measurement methods in young rats.


In addition, she believes that more research is needed to draw further conclusions. These experimental findings need to obtain evidence from clinical comparative studies of healthy individuals with slightly elevated blood pressure. At this point, these individuals have received nutrition and lifestyle guidance instead of medication.


Regarding the health benefits of phenols, previous studies have confirmed the heart-benefiting properties of such substances, such as polyphenols in olives, pomegranates, apples and coffee cherries. With the increasing demand for natural ingredients in the consumer market, scientists will inevitably continue to conduct research in this field, and companies that cater to this consumer preference will also participate.


Other Benefits of Bilberry

The eye-protection effect is the outstanding advantage of bilberry: studies have pointed out that bilberry anthocyanins can quickly pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter the eyes and brain after taking 10-30 minutes, and have a significant antioxidant effect on eye tissue. Bilberry is gradually recognized and loved by people because of its benefits for eyesight and prevention of vascular sclerosis. Regular consumption of bilberry can reduce the damage of free radicals to the eye lens and retina and prevent retinopathy; it can also enhance the flexibility of capillaries, promote microcirculation in the eye, and improve vision. In addition, bilberry can prevent cancer and improve chronic hepatitis B.


Application Range of Bilberry and Its Products

Bilberry fruit, bilberry juice (concentrated juice) and bilberry fruit powder are all common foods. There are no restrictions on the use limit and scope and can be applied to any food.


The bilberry extract is restricted in the scope of use and cannot be added casually because it emphasizes the content of anthocyanins and anthocyanins, and has certain therapeutic and health effects, so it cannot be used in ordinary food.

 bilberry extract

At present, "Plant Extract Bilberry Extract" can be based on the group standard of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (T/CCCMHPIE1.25-2016). The standard is applicable to the extraction of fresh frozen fruits of European bilberry, a plant of the rhododendron family. Bilberry extract obtained by drying after the resin is refined. It is stipulated that the anthocyanin content is ≥36%, and the anthocyanin content is ≥25%. And strictly limit the solvent, heavy metal residue and microbial limit requirements, to provide a legal basis for ensuring product quality.

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