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Blushwood Berry Extract EBC 46-You Best Choice to Eliminate Cancer

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Blushwood Berry Extract EBC 46-You Best Choice to Eliminate Cancer

Blushwood berry extract as a new star in the area of fighting against cancer has received worldwide attention and become the most popular anti-cancer product recently.


Blushwood berry, also known as hylandia, contains a molecule that fights cancer cells at breakneck speed. The plant grows in the humid forest region of Queensland, northern Australia. Scientists are enthusiastic that it will lead to a victory over cancer. A team of Australian researchers studied the properties of blushwood berry extract. They extracted a substance called ebc-46 and injected it into animals. Clinical trials on hundreds of animals have shown that it fights cancer in a very effective way, and most importantly, it's very fast and doesn't cause damaging side effects, like chemotherapy. In fact, in 70 percent of the cases treated, the surface tumor has gone permanently.The properties of blushwood berries were examined by scientists for eight years and the results were amazing. The application of the blushwood berry extract into the tumors led to more than ¾ of healing. More importantly, visible tumors never occurred again. 

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One of the ingredients that blushwood berries contain has the ability to kill cancer cells and stimulate the immune system to destroy the remains of the tumor. In addition, this remedy has no side effects.As mentioned at the very beginning, EBC 46 works very quickly and the therapeutic effects are visible in only 5 minutes. The entire tumor falls within 15 days. The only problem is the fact blushwood trees can be found only in northern Australia and it is very difficult to develop in other areas.


A single injection of the EBC 46 drug directly into melanoma models in the laboratory, as well as into cancers of the head, neck and colon in animals, destroyed the tumours long-term in more than 70% of cases, the study’s lead author, Dr Glen Boyle, said.


“In preclinical trials we injected it into our models and within five minutes, you see a purpling of the area that looks like a bruise,” Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute said.


“About 24 hours later, the tumour area goes black, a couple of days later you see a scab, and at around the 1.5 week mark, the scab falls off, leaving clean skin with no tumour there. The speed certainly surprised me.”


Researchers believe the drug triggers a cellular response which cuts off the blood supply to the tumour by opening it up.


“That’s why we see a bruise-like situation forming in the tumour,” Boyle said. “This seems to lead to an activation of the body’s own immune system which then comes in and cleans up the mess.”


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