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January 10, 2020
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British scientists have confirmed the role of vitamin D in the treatment of burns

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Vitamin D has an antibacterial effect, it can fight infection and promote wound healing.

 D Vitamin

According to foreign media reports, British scientists have confirmed that vitamin D also has the effect of treating burns, compared with patients with severe burns with lower vitamin D content in the body, the burned patients with higher vitamin D content in the body recover faster.


According to the report, researchers believe that vitamin D can be the simplest and most effective drug for treating burns. In the last 10 years, although the treatment of burns has improved, it is still difficult for patients with burns to recover. Long-term burns are not easy to cause complications and cause wound infection. Patients with severe burns are at high risk of infection and may cause life-threatening sepsis.


The report pointed out that scientists used a year to observe the healing process of patients with severe burns, and linked the vitamin D content of patients to the treatment effect.

The experimental data show that the scald patients with high vitamin D content in the body have a good healing effect, and there are fewer scars and complications.

The researchers said that burns can cause rapid loss of vitamin D, and vitamin D should be added immediately afterwards. The results of this research should also be tested in clinical trials. Scientists are currently investigating why burns cause vitamin D loss.

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