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March 29, 2019
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CBD Alternative - H2CBD, Or Can Become An Emerging Ingredient In The Market

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A synthetic, non-toxic alternative to cannabinol (CBD)---8,9-dihydrocannabinol (H2CBD) has been found to be equally effective in treating the frequency and severity of seizures in rats, indicating Application to potential treatment of humans. The study, conducted by the University of California, Davis, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Reading, pointed out that synthetic CBD analogues are easier to purify than plant-derived CBDs and eliminate the need to occupy hemp for farmland (lower costs) ), while also avoiding the legal implications of hemp related products.

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The latest study was published in the journal Science Report. Mark Mascal, a professor at the University of California's Davis Department of Chemistry, said that H2CBD is a safer drug than CBD, without the possibility of abuse or bulk cultivation. Researchers are now confident that further research will be conducted on animals in order to enter the clinical phase as soon as possible. It is understood that the university has applied for a clinical patent on the use of anti-epileptic drugs for H2CBD and its analogues. Mascal also set up a company called Syncanica to continue to develop H2CBD for commercial use.


Syncanica is now applying for federal funding, but Mascal says the company is willing to enter into a joint development agreement with a well-known company. In addition, H2CBD can initially meet the target of the existing herbal cannabis extract drug on the market - pediatric epilepsy, but the product will not be in the no-man's land of supervision, like the current aunt (most parts of the world), and It is cheaper under normal circumstances.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a herbal CBD extract for the treatment of certain epileptic symptoms, and animal studies have provided strong evidence. In addition, the CBD has also been studied as a pharmaceutical compound for the treatment of anxiety, glaucoma and arthritis.

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In recent years, products containing CBD based on health effects have undoubtedly been welcomed by more and more consumers, especially in Europe and the United States, CBD products are extremely hot. According to Innova Market Insights data, the number of products featuring CBDs in the world of new food and beverages in 2018 is as high as 76% in the US market. From the addition of CBD wines to CBD water, to nutritional bars and even cinnamon rolls, a variety of new CBD products are overwhelming.


However, since this active ingredient is extracted from hemp or hemp extract, the CBD still has legal restrictions under some state and federal federal laws in the United States. Another risk is that the CBD may be converted to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by chemical action, which is a nerve-stimulating component in cannabis. Unlike plant-derived CBD, H2CBD cannot be converted to THC, and H2CBD is similar in structure to CBD, and a commercially available compound is synthesized in a simpler and cheaper way.


According to Masscal, H2CBD does not seem to have the expected effect as the CBD (such as not sleeping, etc.), which is believed to be due to the conversion of CBD into THC in the gastric tract, which is not the case with H2CBD. As a dietary supplement (antioxidant), the potential use of this compound is said to be the same as CBD.

The current research team's plan is to conduct a pilot new drug (IND) non-clinical study, which is expected to be the first human clinical assessment. In essence, more validation is needed in animal experiments to make progress. The study described preliminary results in controlling rat-induced epilepsy, in which H2CBD and CBD were shown to have essentially the same efficacy. Next, the researchers will continue to delve into the research of pharmacokinetics.


An industry report released by Rabobank recently pointed out that whether the CBD has indeed proved to be a new consumer potential, or will become a "magic bullet" on the shelf of dietary supplements, there is still ambiguity. The report revisited the future of each CBD and highlighted the potential for the cannabis market to be out of balance due to supply chains, high levels of legal ambiguity and the possibility of a collapse. With this in mind, non-agricultural, fully synthetic H2CBDs may well fill the gaps in this emerging market.

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