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Can Freeze-Dried Fruits And Vegetables Be The "New Favorite" Of The Fruit Industry Instead Of Fruits And Vegetables?

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Vegetables and fruits are indispensable foods in people's daily life. Wouldn't it be better if fruits and vegetables can be made into snacks, which are easy to carry and eat at any time? The emergence of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables makes it possible to snack on fruits and vegetables. This method of freezing and draining water at a low temperature turns fruits and vegetables into "snacks", which is welcomed by many consumers. But what is the difference between this new snack and ordinary fruit? Will the nutrients be missing?


Freeze-Dried Fruits And Vegetables Into Snacks "New Favorite"

According to data, the application of freeze-drying technology to food first appeared in the menus of Apollo moon landing astronauts, who were among the first to eat freeze-dried food. Later, because of its light weight, portability, and crisp taste, it slowly entered the public eye. Freeze-dried food was initially popular in Japan and the United States, and Japan and the United States are also the current major consumers of freeze-dried food.


In recent years, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have also become the “new favorites” of the domestic snack industry, and they have been sought after by consumers who are pursuing health. Many companies have begun to test the water and introduce freeze-drying technology to produce fruits and vegetables. For example, three squirrels, Baicao flavor, etc. Launched freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks. In addition, many freeze-dried fruit and vegetable manufacturers are hiring agents on the Internet.


Can Retain The Nutrients Of Fruits And Vegetables

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are a technical means of preserving food. Compared with traditional storage methods such as salting and drying, although it cannot be said to be completely preserved, it can indeed maintain the nutritional content of food to a large extent. This is also the best way to maintain the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables in addition to the quick-freezing method of storing food.


This point was also endorsed by the director of the Science and Technology Department of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center. There is little difference between freeze-dried fruits and vegetables and fresh fruits and vegetables, and most of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables are retained.

Can Not Replace Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

So, can freeze-dried fruits and vegetables replace ordinary fruits and vegetables? In terms of food diversity, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables cannot completely replace ordinary fruits and vegetables. Zhong Kai, deputy director of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, also believes that freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks are not necessarily healthy, nor can they replace fresh fruits. If there is really no condition to eat fresh fruits, you can consider freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.


Although freeze-dried fruits and vegetables retain most of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, they are expensive in cost and expensive to sell. The price of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is basically about five or six times that of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

 application of freeeze dried vegetable

The Carbohydrate Content Of Freeze-Dried Fruit And Vegetable Products Is Generally Higher.

In addition, although freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have been processed to become smaller and lighter, the sugar content of these products is worrying. Comparing the nutritional composition tables of several freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, it is found that most of the products have relatively high carbohydrate content, with the highest carbohydrate content being 90.1 grams per 100 grams.


The World Health Organization recommends that the intake of free sugars for adults and children should be controlled below 10% of the total energy, and it is best to further control it below 5% of the total energy. For children aged 1-2, the maximum daily sugar intake should not exceed 30 grams; for children aged 4-6, the maximum intake should not exceed 40 grams; and the intake for adults should be between 25 grams and 35 grams, and the maximum intake should not exceed 30 grams. Should exceed 50 grams.


The sugar content of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is relatively high after the water is removed. If you do not pay attention to eating more, it will lead to excessive sugar intake.

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