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Can Inulin Increase The Feeling Of Fullness In Children?

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Inulin is a reserve polysaccharide of plant species, mainly derived from plants. It has been found that more than 36,000 plants are rich in inulin.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that inulin can increase the feeling of fullness in children, thereby achieving weight control. Previous studies on inulin have focused on the relationship between inulin and gastrointestinal health and digestion, inulin and intestinal probiotics, etc. However, there are not many studies on the health effects of inulin on children, and it has little effect on children’s appetite control and energy intake. There is less research on the impact of entry.


In this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada convened 42 overweight and obese boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 12, and randomly divided them into two groups. One group was given daily 8g of inulin rich in oligofructose, the other group was given maltodextrin placebo for 16 weeks. The results showed that compared with the placebo group, the caloric intake of the inulin group decreased by about 113 kcal, while the caloric intake of the placebo increased by 137 kcal. The more important finding is that the release of growth hormone peptides that can increase satiety in all children in the inulin group increased by an average of 28%, while the control group only increased by 8%.

 Natural Inulin

The researchers said that the results of this dietary intervention study highlight the potential role of inulin supplements in children's overweight and obesity management centers. By taking inulin, children’s satiety is improved and their energy intake is significantly reduced, thereby further improving children’s overall health.


With the development of urbanization and changes in lifestyles, obesity and overweight have become major health problems faced by various countries, and they have a huge impact on children’s health, including increasing the risk of diabetes, affecting children’s digestive and immune system health, and increasing children’s health. Damaged self-esteem, etc.

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