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Chinese plant extract feed additive will be widely used in the World soon

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With the development of feed industry, the harm of antibiotics and chemical drugs on animals are getting more and more attention, so many countries and regions have passed legislation to limit, or even a complete ban on the use of antibiotics. 

The feed additive has entered a new stage of development, Antibiotics and chemicals original will be replaced by the development of high safety of feed additives, and it will become the inevitable trend in the future. Chinese herbal medicine additive is a feed additive for ideal because of its unique mode of action, good effect, low residue, no pollution, and it is not easy to produce drug resistance, the
plant extract is the most prominent. 

1.  Natural and multi function is the remarkable points of the Chinese herbal medicine
Compared with western medicine, the characteristics of
Chinese herbal medicine is natural and versatile. 
Natural means from wild or plant, it is organic rather than synthetic substances, and it keeps the various components with nature and the biological activity, as well as the harmonious in animal body and human body. Compared to antibiotics, herbal feed additive is more security and reliability in using a long time, and less produce bacterial resistance, residual resistance, less prone to side effects and other problems, and is the result of thousands of years of practice tests, these advantage are the other additives cannot matched. 
Multifunctionality include a nutritional function, enhance immune function, hormone-like effects, vitamin like effects, "adaptogen" like effect, excellent Bidirectional regulation effect, anti microbial effect and compo-site effect. A Chinese herbal medicine usually contains several or even dozens of active components; this is the reason for the versatility of herbal feed additives. 

The features of the Chinese herbal medicine has been widely recognized by the medical profession in the world, it is the people’s focus on in the new century , it is also the remarkable points of the origin of Chinese herbal medicine. In recent years, Chinese herbal medicine and a variety of natural plant extract instead of Western medicine and antibiotic produced a series of green ecological meat and animal food to get the favor of consumers, and it has emerged in the domestic market, which have created a good economic and social benefits. 


2. The Status of Chinese herbal feed additive research and application 
China is the hometown of herb medicinal is the world's oldest and most widely used herbal application of national. Prevention of poultry diseases with herbal medicine has been for thousands of years, the use of herbs as a livestock
feed additive can be traced back medicine book " Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" , " Azusa leaf feeding pigs, mast three times " records. Many experiences and recipes are still in use for animal husbandry and veterinary clinic to make a significant contribution to our country.

These have a detail record in Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica,Huainan Encyclopedia,Qimin Yaoshuwrite by Jia Sixie in the Northern Wei Dynasty ,Agricultural Policy bookwrite by Xu Guangqi in the Ming Dynasty. China has rich resources of Chinese herbal medicine. According to a survey in 1995, there are 12807 kinds of plant medicine, 20000 kinds of marine plants, more than 18000 kinds of animals. There are over 1000 kinds of the onland herbal medicine were used in animal production currently, Of which there are more than 200 kinds of commonly used. In addition, there are more than 1500 kinds of marine animals and plants have been researched and application. So the development of Chinese herbal medicine feed additive with China's characteristics will have a good future. 

In recent years, herbal extract is widely used in animal feed additive. It is classified as 3 kinds: powder, micro powder and herbal extract powder. Herbal extract powder comes outstanding as it is high efficient, Environmental Protection, safer, small doses to be used, and convenience in transport. Herbal extract powder has become a new trend and will bring promotion to the Feed Industry. 

As awareness of Chinese herbal medicine to deepen, in recent years the domestic herbal feed additive enterprise gradually increased,
Golden Horizon Biologics combined the animal nutrition and modern theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and applied to the development of the plant extract feed additive. Cut off the antibiotics harm to human from the source, to protect the human health is our persistent purpose.

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