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Depressed mood depression? Come and find a plant to help!

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Whether it is treating mild depression or moderate depression, the prescription for antidepressant is quite perfect. But according to the French health magazine TOPSANTE, Marc Beck, a general practitioner, phytotherapy expert and micronutrient scientist, points out that more and more scientific research and publications show that antidepressant drugs are mild to mild Or moderate depression patients not only do not work, but also bring many side effects; modern plant therapy based on the knowledge of different functions of plants is more natural and more targeted than prescription drugs. Therefore, the use of plants to treat depression is advocated.


According to Baker, nerve impulse delivery media, especially serotonin and norepinephrine, are impaired by elevated levels of cortisol (aka stress hormones), causing depression. Plants not only prevent the damage of neurotransmitters, but also stimulate the production of neurotransmitters. Several plant-specific treatments for different depressions are given below.


Rhodiola extract in the treatment of early patients with depression

红景天Rhodiola is known for its trait as a “tonic” that enhances the body's resistance to stress. Studies have shown that the efficacy of Rhodiola against anxiety and anti-depression is reflected in the study of mice. Rhodiola root contains salidroside, which is one of the most important active ingredients in its antidepressant. We can use Rhodiola alone or in combination with saffron. The saffron is rich in saffronic acid and saffron aldehyde, which can effectively protect the nerve impulse transport medium.


Hypericum extract treatment for patients with stable depression


Many clinical studies have focused on the treatment of depression and anxiety with Hypericum. World Health Organization research shows that this plant is helpful in the treatment of mild depression and moderate depression. However, in the course of use, if Hypericum is used together with contraceptives, antidepressants, mood-regulating drugs, anti-coagulants, etc., its efficacy will be weakened. Therefore, when using Hypericum, avoid it. These medicines are used together.


Ghana seed extract treats neurological dysfunction caused by depression

timgThe 5-hydroxytryptophan extracted from the seeds of Ghana is a precursor for the synthesis of 5-color hydroxylamine (also known as tranquility hormone). Depression, especially the emergence of seasonal depression, is closely related to the lack of serotonin. While helping to synthesize this tranquil hormone, Ghana also reduces and controls the urge to blood sugar.On the contrary, if the appetite is caused by depression, we can use gentian, which can effectively stimulate appetite.

Valerian and  honeysuckle extract treat sleep problems caused by depression 

HoneysuckleAlthough the most famous effect of valerian is anti-stress, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms, its anti-depressant effect is also very significant. We can use valerian alone or in combination with honeysuckle, which has a natural slightly hypnotic effect due to its alkaloids. Benzodiazepine also has hypnotic effects, but it can disturb the structure of sleep, while the plants such as valerian and Jinyinghua can reduce people's sleep time and improve people's sleep while not disturbing people's concentration and not creating stress. quality.

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