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Does The Effect Of Green Tea Extract Damage The Liver?

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In recent years, people have begun to extract natural components in green tea, mainly including tea polyphenols, which are catechins. Some people believe that catechins affect liver function.


More than 500 researches on green tea and green tea extracts were reviewed in an open and comprehensive manner, and only 34 were found to meet the ingredient standards. Most of these studies only analyze the effects of green tea extracts, and only 6 of them analyze its safety. The recipients of another 10 studies were healthy people, 7 were obese people, and 5 were cancer patients. A total of 1405 volunteers were involved in these studies, but 0.5% of the volunteers showed mild liver effects.


Green Tea Health

The researchers finally stated that most randomized controlled clinical trials have not found that green tea extract can cause liver damage, and a few trials only analyze the effects of green tea extract on liver enzymes such as ALT and ALP. Most studies on green tea extract have found that it has a slight effect on the liver, so it is impossible to prove that green tea extract causes liver damage. In addition, as for the serious liver damage caused by green tea supplements, it is also the result of many factors, such as the condition of the supplement and the physical condition of the recipient.


Reliable Evidence Of Green Tea Safety

Rick Kingston, a professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Nisota, said that only four studies have shown that green tea extract has an effect on the liver, but the researchers did not specify which liver enzymes are affected. After analyzing these studies, he found that green tea extract has minimal effect on the liver.


Mark Blumenthal, executive director of the American Board of Botany, said that this Japanese study strongly proved that, despite the occasional negative reports about green tea extract, green tea extract is generally safe. Kingston said that the minor effects of green tea extract can be eliminated with some drugs, such as statins. If people experience adverse reactions while using green tea extract, adjust the dosage and take statins. In other words, it is to take good care of the patient, give him statins, and then wait for the liver enzyme levels to return to normal.

 Green Tea is your new favourite drink

People should distinguish the difference between green tea and green tea extract, and general green tea extract products usually contain other herbs. Green tea beverage is an infusion, which is different from green tea extract in that the concentration of catechin is not so high. There has been no report that green tea damages liver function. In fact, there is evidence that green tea also has liver protection.


Yixin Bio believes that supplements containing green tea extracts can damage liver function for many reasons. First of all, these products are usually used for weight loss. Therefore, the catechins in them will directly affect the liver when taken on an empty stomach. The liver is also more susceptible to damage. There is also the problem of solvents. Many green tea extracts are extracted by ethanol, usually grain alcohol. Sometimes manufacturers also use hexane or other solvents, which may have adverse effects on the liver.

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