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Elderberry Enhances Immunity And Anti-Virus

Views: 7     Author: Golden Horizon (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd.     Publish Time: 2021-04-01      Origin: Golden Horizon (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd.

The outbreak of the new type of coronavirus has aroused everyone's attention to ingredients that have the functions of enhancing immunity, clearing away heat and detoxifying. For a while, honeysuckle, isatis root, forsythia, platycodon, scutellaria and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients became sweet and glutinous, which triggered a rush. Elderberry, known as the "Banlangen" in Europe and the United States, has also achieved explosive growth in recent years, enhancing immunity and anti-virus. It is worth paying attention to elderberry, and it is considered to be the most noteworthy dietary supplement ingredient in 2021.


Elderberry Market Situation

Elderberry has shown tremendous growth in recent years, consolidating its important position in the European and American dietary supplement market, especially in the field of immune health. According to data from the market research organization SPINS, in the 52 weeks ending October 6, 2019, the sales growth rate of elderberry in mainstream and cross-channel areas was 83.4%, and the total sales reached 113 million US dollars. Among the best-selling functional components by sales, elderberry ranked tenth in natural channels and fourteenth in featured channels, up 32.6% and 57.8% respectively. Elderberry is attracting a lot of mainstream attention. According to SPINS, in the traditional sales channel, elderberry continued to show tremendous growth in the cold and flu category, with sales increasing 116% to nearly $63 million, while other ingredients in the category performed A slight increase or even a decline. Elderberry sales have risen sharply since 2018. In that year, the sales of elderberries increased by more than 100%, and then they have also shown a sustained and substantial increase.


Excellent Performance Of Elderberry In Enhancing Immunity

Elderberry is a deciduous shrub in the elder genus of the Loniceraceae family. It contains a variety of nutrients and active ingredients, such as vitamin A, C, protein, dietary fiber, anthocyanins, flavonoids (flowers), and iron, potassium, and Minerals such as phosphorus. It can be used as medicine from the root to the flower. The leaves and stems of elderberry are mainly used to treat muscle pain and rheumatism. The elderflower is used for sweating and diuresis. The most commonly used elderberry has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. For the treatment of colds and colds, drinking a cup of elderberry can relieve nasal congestion and improve cough symptoms. The effect is remarkable. Long-term use of elderberry can achieve the effect of enhancing immunity, and its position in the European and American markets is equivalent to my country's Isatis root. A large number of studies have confirmed that elderberry can significantly reduce flu and cold symptoms, and play a good preventive effect, which may be related to its high content of anthocyanins.


Elderberry also has great application potential in cardiovascular health. A study in 2004 found that high doses of elderberry can significantly reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the serum, thereby reducing blood lipids. Even a small dose of elderberry juice can also reduce blood cholesterol levels. ; In addition, elderberry has excellent performance in alleviating anxiety, promoting sleep, protecting skin, improving cognition, etc. In addition, it has a good taste and can be added as a flavor ingredient to soft candies, beverages, syrups, dairy products, and desserts. in.


Latest Research: Prebiotic Potential Of Elderberry

The Global Prebiotics Association defines prebiotics as nutritional products and or components that can be selectively utilized in the healthy microbiome. In the past, prebiotics were essentially limited to fibers used as the "base" of intestinal bacterial strains, but now they are also Recognize the prebiotic activity of other compounds (such as berry polyphenols) because they also have the ability to influence and regulate specific bacterial strains and bring gut health benefits.


Elderberry is a recognized immune component, and now more and more evidences also show that elderberry has the potential as a prebiotic component. For example, an in vitro study in 2012 found that the anthocyanins (such as anthocyanin-3-glucoside) in elderberries have the effect of prebiotics, which can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, while also inhibiting harmful bacteria. Growth. In order to better understand the role of elderberry as a prebiotic, more research is still needed. However, as the public pays attention to the field of digestive health, especially the continuous growth of the prebiotic market, brands can try to use elderberry for research and development. Various new formulas for food and beverages.

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