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Feed additive - Eucommia leaf extract product introduction

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Introduction to Eucommia

The ancient Chinese text of Duzhong has the reputation of “Chinese God Tree”. As early as 300 BC, it was a health care product. It has broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, choleretic and antihypertensive effects, can significantly enhance gastrointestinal motility and promote gastric secretion, and enhance immune function.


Eucommia feed additive

Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract (Uuzhongsu) Eucommia ulmoides feed additive is made from natural Eucommia ulmoides leaves as raw materials, using pure water cold temperature ultrasonic extraction and combined with animal physiological characteristics. The product concentrates the essence of Eucommia ulmoides. It is a kind of “green, safe and efficient” high-quality feed additive in animal prevention and treatment, replacing antibiotics, reducing mortality, improving animal meat quality, improving flavor and reducing feed cost. This product has been awarded the New Product Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture [New Feeding Certificate (2004) No. 03], and is the national feed office Eucommia feed additive certification enterprise.


1, the product effective components: Eucommia chlorogenic acid, Eucommia total flavonoids, other ingredients.

Eucommia chlorogenic acid: molecular formula: C16H18O9, molecular weight: 354.3. Existing studies have shown that chlorogenic acid has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, choleretic, antihypertensive and elevated white blood cells and significantly increases gastrointestinal motility and promotes gastric juice secretion and other pharmacological effects, mainly in the Eucommia leaves, skin and other plant parts. Total flavonoids of Eucommia ulmoides: mainly flavonols such as rutin, kaempferol, quercetin, astragalin, terrestrial glucosides and catechins. The existing research shows that the total flavonoids of Eucommia ulmoides have pharmacological effects such as anti-oxidation, anti-thrombosis, anti-virus, anti-bacterial, blood pressure lowering and apoptosis of leukemia cells, mainly in the organs and organs of Eucommia ulmoides, flowers, skin and seeds.


Other ingredients: digestible nutrients such as total sugar (monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide), crude protein, crude fiber, and beneficial trace elements such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium, of which total sugar ≥ 25.0% .


This product is Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, effective components and content table:

Eucommia leaf extract effective components and content table

Effective component

Effective constituent


Eucommia ulmoides chlorogenic acid


Eucommia ulmoides general flavone


Eucommia ulmoides polysaccharide


The other components of Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract are mainly sugar, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, crude ash, tannin, pectin, sugar, water and trace elements. The content per 100 g is shown in the table below.
2, other components and their content

Eucommia leaf extract other components and content table









































3, note:

 Master the best amount of addition based on local conditions.

 Stir well with other feeds when added, with coefficient of variation <10%.

 This product is easy to absorb moisture, and the product should be used up as soon as possible after opening.


4. Scope of application:

Poultry: Green, a comprehensive replacement for antibiotics.

◆Improve immunity and reduce farm mortality (4.5% for chickens and 2.7% for ducks).

◆Increase egg production rate (10% chicken, 11% duck), prolong the peak of egg production, and increase the egg production rate of older chickens by more than 28%.

◆Reduce the total cholesterol content in the egg (about 24%), and make the egg yolk yellower and the calcium content increased by 16%.

◆Increase the weight of chicken breast muscle and semi-net weight, significantly reduce fat content, improve poultry meat quality and flavor

◆Reduce the adverse effects of cottonseed meal, toxic substances and anti-nutritional factors on the body, and reduce the cost of breeding.

◆Recommended amount: (addition of feed per ton of compound feed)

Meat chicken, meat duckling (0-3 weeks old): 1kg

Chicken in meat, duck in meat (3 weeks old - listed): 0.6-0.8kg

Kinds of chicken, duck, egg and chicken: 0.6kg

By drinking water: 0.5-1kg per ton of water, free to drink.


Livestock: Green, a comprehensive replacement for antibiotics.

◆Improve immunity, significantly increase the survival rate of litter (the survival rate of litter is >98%, while the survival rate of general piglets is only about 90%), and reduce the number of yellow and white larvae by more than 25%.

◆Improve the sow's birth rate. (Sows fed with eucommia, with an average of 1-1.5 litters per litter), increased sow lactation by more than 10%.

◆ Reduce the incidence of sow papillitis and shorten the postpartum estrus interval in sows.

◆ Significantly improve the meat-to-fat ratio, subcutaneous and abdominal fat is 15% lower than normal feeding pigs, and the lean meat rate is as high as 76%.

◆ Significantly improve the meat quality and flavor (A taste of amino acids is more than 6% higher than normal), effectively extend the shelf life of meat shelves.

◆ Significantly reduce transport emergency mortality.

◆ Effectively control the winter cracked hoof.

◆Recommended amount: (addition of feed per ton of compound feed)

   Suckling pig: 1-1.5kg

   Piglet: 0.8-1kg

   Zhongda pig: 0.4-0.8kg

   Breeding pig: 0.5-0.8kg


Aquatic use: Eliminate free radicals, improve animal immunity, and completely replace antibiotics.

◆Enhance environmental stress and transport stress, and the survival rate of breeding is greatly improved (the survival rate of tilapia is more than 95%, the survival rate of abalone and shrimp is greatly improved), and the rot caused by various bacterial viruses. Hemorrhagic disease, enteritis disease, vibriosis, shrimp white spot disease, turtle bottom plate disease and other prevention and control functions.

◆ Increase muscle protein content (2.45% higher than the control group), reduce fat content (about 20%), and significantly improve meat quality.

◆ The total amino acid content of the meat increased by 2.56%, the amino acid content of the star taste increased, the collagen in the meat increased by 1.6 times, and the flavor was significantly improved.

◆ Improve water quality and increase stocking density.

◆Recommended amount: (addition of feed per ton of compound feed)

   Previous period: 1-1.2kg

   Medium term: 0.6-0.8kg

   Late: 0.3-0.5kg

For cows: a comprehensive replacement for antibiotics.

◆ Significantly reduce the number of somatic cells in cows and milk.

◆ Comprehensive prevention of recessive clinical mastitis and endometritis.

◆ Improve the quality of dairy products.

◆ Reduce the occurrence of foot-and-mouth disease, prolong the milk production period, and increase milk production.

◆Recommended amount: (addition of feed per ton of compound feed)

   Prevention period: 10g per cow per day (or added by 1‰)

   Treatment period: 20g per cow per day (or added by 2‰)

Nowadays, natural ingredients are more and more used in animal feed additives. Those ingredients can be used for promoting animal growth, improving meat quality, boosting animal's Immunity, increasing survival rate and reduce feed cost, etc.

Currently, Yucca extractAstragalus extract and Haematococcus Pluvialis extract are some of the popular natural ingredients on animal feed additives market.

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