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Flu Season: What Foods, Herbs Improve My Immune System?

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Modern medicine is always there to help you when you get sick, yet it is important to maintain good health especially in autumn and winter. Here are some foods, herbs and essential practices that will boost your immune system during cold days

Autumn, the season of pesky colds, coughs and flu, is officially here and with the lowering temperatures the immune system is likely to be affected adversely. Instead of knocking on your local pharmacy's door for a bunch of drugs and vitamins, you still have time to boost the immune system with an easy list of herbs and foods. There is no fixed way to keep seasonal balance yet natural immune-system boosters help you to ward off getting sick in autumn and obviously make you feel much healthier.


Flu season: What foods, herbs improve my immune system?


If you are already feeling a little rundown these days, take a look at the following list with items easily accessible in a nearby supermarket or herbalist. You may already have them in the kitchen, but not be aware of their ability to bolster defense.

Thyme essential oil

Flu season: What foods, herbs improve my immune system?

More or less, every kitchen has a space for herbal oils and thyme is a core source. With its multiple benefits, thyme essential oil is a strong killer of harmful bacteria in the digestive system. Native to the Mediterranean basin, thyme's immune enhancement properties have also been proven by a number of scientific studies. To benefit from it as a booster, it is recommended to consume 200 mg thyme essential oil three times per day. The amount would be enough to clear infections.


Japanese mushrooms

Mushrooms are essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine, which are rich in varieties and have numerous health benefits. Among them, one is called "reishi" or "lingzhi," which is known as the "mushroom of immortality." Certain studies report that the mushroom contains amino acids with antioxidant properties, useful for the immune system. What is more interesting is that heat does not kill the antioxidant potential while cooking. It is advised to consume at least one reishi weekly.


The green trio - broccoli

The liver is one of the most powerful metabolic organs in the human body and its function as an immune organ is increasingly being appreciated. In simple words, the liver's healthiness has a direct relationship with hormones and cells responsible for immune system strength. The green trio - broccoli, lettuce and cabbage - all contribute to a healthy liver with regular consumption. They are easy to find at the grocery store and an immune-boosting basic.



Flu season: What foods, herbs improve my immune system?

Not eating avocados often? There is a reason why you should. This prolific green fruit provides essential amino acids, antioxidants and unsaturated beneficial fats, all of which play an important role in a healthy immune system. Try to consume half an avocado daily to boost your health.



Flu season: What foods, herbs improve my immune system?

There have been more studies in the last few years looking at the health benefits of ginger but its history goes back centuries to when ginger was frequently used as a tonic root for ailments. With its peppery taste, ginger is a good source of antioxidants like avocados. More recently, scientific studies have shown that ginger is packed with many powerful compounds, the most well-known of which serves to clean toxin waste in organs. It is also a lymphatic cleansing food. The studies examining ginger's benefits on the immune system agree that it is a great tool for the whole body and acts as a booster.



Flu season: What foods, herbs improve my immune system?

It is an old folk remedy but for Turkish consumers, eating bilberry for its antioxidant properties is a relatively novel thing. Bilberries are available either fresh or dried, however just keep in mind that they are dipped in sugar and sunflower seed oil during the drying process to add a sweet taste. This is of course not true for all dried bilberry brands, but it is recommended that you check the ingredients before buying them.


Bilberries, a cousin of the blueberry, are loaded with antioxidants beneficial to improving the overall immune system. Based on certain studies, the Vitamin C content in a bilberry is five times higher than in an orange.



It is quite common to see oatmeal in the daily diet of people trying to lose weight. Examining its health benefits, the researchers at Harvard University say in a 2015 study that oatmeal maybe the key to a longer life, cutting the risk of premature death. Containing high amounts of soluble fiber, oatmeal reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, also described as harmful cholesterol.


Larch tree extract

The rising popularity of alternative medicine is paving the way for conducting more clinical studies on herbs. Daily consumption of larch arabinogalactan, a natural extract from larch trees, has a significant effect on the immune system. Scientists have discovered in a study that the extract prevents cold and upper respiratory diseases by about 23 percent. It is very easy to find larch arabinogalactan at herbalists.


On another note

Drink water regularly

Drinking water helps the body to discharge the waste carried through the blood and lymph. It is generally recommended to drink 2 liters of water daily to help food used by the cells and empty the body from the unwanted waste. All organs consume oxygen and water is responsible for carrying oxygen to the body. Healthy organs also mean a strong immune system.


A good night's sleep

Keeping a regular sleep schedule is important to avoid a number of diseases. From depression to skin disorders, sleep deprivation is the main reason for many illnesses. Keep in mind that a good night's sleep is crucial for the body's rest and sleeping better at nights helps the body to fight against common infections.

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