Freeze Dried 100% Natural Dragon Fruit Powder Pink Pitaya Powder

Product Name:Dragon Fruit Extract Powder
Latin Name:Hylocereus undatus
specification:5:1 10:1 20:1
Appearance:Pink to Purple fine powder
Test Method:TLC
Extract solvent:Water & Grain Alcohol

Product Description

Dragon Fruit Powder

Freeze Dried 100% Natural Dragon Fruit Powder Pink Pitaya Powder

     Good source of fiber

    √  Rich in Antioxidants

    √  Vitamin C

    √  B1,B2 & B3

    √  Magnesium zinc Calcium

    √  Made from Freeze Dried flesh of the Red Dragon Fruit

    √  Will color your food electric pink

Dragon Fruit Powder is said to be rich in Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2 and B3. The yellow Pitaya is said to be a good source of calcium which strengthens teeth and bones naturally, while the red skinned ones have significant amounts of phosphorous which is also essentially needed by the body to function properly. Sufficient amounts of phosphorous in the body, in particular, help increase energy levels. Iron is also one of the main components of this fruit, which is good for the blood.


Function of Dragon Fruit Powder Pink Pitaya Powder

1. Dragon fruit boosts immune system. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C and fibers that help provide an overall healthy body;

2. Dragon fruit helps in digestion. Because of the richness in fibers, Dragon fruit aids in the digestion of food, Studies also suggest that Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics;

3. Dragon fruit help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Studies also suggest that the the glucose found in Dragon fruit aids in controlling the blood sugar level for diabetes patients;

4. Dragon fruit prevent formation of cancer causing free radicals. Dragon fruit is rich in minerals and fibers that aids in digestion, cleans toxic ingredients thus preventing the occurrence of colon cancer;

5. Dragon fruit as anti-oxidant. The presence of high level of vitamin C, minerals and pytoalbumin is regarded as relevant in fighting free radicals and possess anti-oxidant properties;

6. Dragon fruit helps to control cholesterol level. Dragon fruit is also rich in flavonoids that are known to have favorable effects against cardio related disease.


Application of Dragon Fruit Powder Pink Pitaya Powder

1. As Food and beverage ingredients;

2. As Healthy Products ingredients;

3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients;

4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients;

5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.

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