Fruit Freeze-dried Series
GOLDEN HORIZON BIOLOGICS Provides A Series of Natural, High-quality Freeze-Dried Fruit Products
100% All Natural
Perhaps best of all, Freeze Dried Fruit is always guaranteed to be 100% all natural, without additives or preservatives. That means no added sugar, GMO, or preservatives. So you can use our freeze dried fruits with confidence, for pure, wholesome, delicious snacks or as cooking and baking ingredients.


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Freeze Dried Fruit Powder
GHB offers a wide range of freeze dried fruit powders.  we seek to be a source of innovative 
and prime quality fruit powder ingredients to the food and beverage, private label, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

One of the many reasons we love freeze-dried fruits is their versatility. With even more application options than fresh products, freeze-dried fruits are nutritious and delicious whether they end up in baked goods, confections, breakfast foods, snacks, beverages or desserts.

Golden Horizon Biologics offers freeze-dried fruits in a variety of formats, including slices, dices and pieces of any size. But a new format is taking the food industry by storm and it’s freeze-dried powder! Useful in baking or beverages, snacks or dressings, freeze-dried fruit powder provides all the same benefits as your favorite freeze-dried fruit pieces, with all new application options.

Durian freeze-dried powder
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