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Health Benefits of Epimedium Extract

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Epimedium extract

Epimedium is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine with high medicinal value. Perennial herb, plant height 20-60 cm, rhizome thick and short, lignified, dark brown, stem erect, ribbed, glabrous, usually no Basal leaves, distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places, were born in hillsides, under the grass, and in the wet area. Nourishing yin and yang, strengthening the body.


Product Information

Product Name: Epimedium extract 

Active Ingredients: Epimedium (icariin)

Detection method: high performance liquid chromatography HPLC

Specification: Icariin (icariin) 10%-90% HPLC

Traits: brownish yellow powder

Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, insoluble in ether, benzene, chloroform. It reacts green with ferric chloride and reacts magnesium citrate with orange-red

Molecular formula: C33H40O15

CAS NO.: 489-32-7

 Epimedium 1

Source: This product is Epimedium epimedium brevicornum maxim., Epimedium epimedium sagittatum ( zucc.) maxim., Epimedium epimedium pubescens maxim., Wushan Epimedium epimedium wushanense Tsying, or the dry aerial part of Epimedium nakai of Korean Epimedium. In the summer and autumn, when the stems and leaves are flourishing, the ethanol extract is removed after removing the thick stems and impurities, drying or drying.


Place of Origin: West Section of Qinling

Function: Epimedium is a traditional Chinese medicine tonic, with yang kidney, strong bones, rheumatism, for impotence and nocturnal emission, soft bones, rheumatism, numbness, and menopausal hypertension. It can effectively inhibit staphylococcus and anti-aging. Epimedium is one of its active ingredients, which can effectively improve the cardiovascular system, regulate endocrine, and improve endocrine. In addition, it is particularly noteworthy that Epimedium also has anti-cancer effects and is regarded as the most promising anti-cancer drug.



Icariin can increase blood flow in the heart and brain, promote hematopoietic function, immune function and bone metabolism, and has the effects of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, anti-aging and anti-tumor.


1) The role of endocrine: Epimedium can promote sexual function is due to hypersecretion of semen, after the seminal vesicle is full, stimulate the sensory nerve, indirectly excited by sexual desire.


2) The effect on the function of the immune system: the number of T cells, the rate of leaching, the phagocytosis of antibodies, antigens and reticuloendothelial system in patients with kidney deficiency are low, and the treatment of kidney-reinforcing drugs such as Epimedium can be improved.


3) Anti-aging effect: Epimedium can affect the mechanism of aging from different aspects. Such as affecting cell passage, prolonging the growth phase, regulating the immune and secretion system, improving the body's metabolism and various organ functions.


4) Effects on the cardiovascular system: Epimedium has a protective effect on rat myocardial ischemia caused by pituitrin and has a significant antihypertensive effect.


Related research

1) Adjust the body immunity

Epimedium can enhance the body's non-specific immune function and cellular immune function, and regulate humoral immune function. The active ingredients are mainly icariin and epimedium polysaccharide. Epimedium polysaccharide and total flavonoids of Epimedium can significantly increase the phagocytic rate and phagocytic index of macrophages on chicken red blood cells, which can significantly inhibit the decrease of phagocytosis of mononuclear macrophages induced by cyclophosphamide in mice. It has two-way regulation of interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) secretion by macrophages.


2) promote bone growth

Epimedium has a "bone-filling" effect and has a good preventive effect on osteoporosis. The extract of Epimedium have an antagonistic effect on osteoporosis caused by long-term use of adrenocortical hormone.

In order to observe the effects of total flavonoids of Epimedium on the function of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The osteoblasts and osteoclasts of newborn sD rats were obtained by enzyme digestion and in vitro mechanical separation, and different concentrations were added to the culture medium. The total flavonoids of Epimedium sagittatum were observed for the proliferation, differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts. The number and morphology of osteoclasts were observed by tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase staining. Image Pro plus image software was used to analyze the bone resorption lacuna on bone. Number and area. 

The results showed that the total flavonoids of Epimedium can promote the formation of bone by affecting the proliferation, differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts, and reduce the number of osteoclasts in vitro and reduce the absorption function of osteoclasts.


3) Delaying aging


4) Influence on heart and cerebrovascular system

The total flavonoids of Epimedium inhibited the muscle strength and frequency of the atrial muscle, and the dose-effect curve of isoproterenol on the positive frequency of atrial muscle was paralleled to the right. However,  there was no calcium antagonism and M receptor agonistic effect. It is indicated that total flavonoids of Epimedium can selectively block myocardial pl receptor, but have no blocking effect on tracheal receptor and vascular smooth muscle d receptor.


5) Lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar

There was a significant hypoglycemic effect in experimental hyperglycemia rats after oral administration of Epimedium extract.


Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place, away from high temperatures

Shelf life: two years

Packing: double-layer plastic bag for internal use, cardboard drum for external use (25 kg/barrel)

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