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High Purity 98% Sclareolide (CAS 564-20-5)

Product name: Sclareolide
Active ingredient: Sclareolide
Botanical source: Salvia sclarea L. /Perilla frutescens(L) Beritt.
Specification: 98%
CAS No:564-20-5
Appearance:White powder
Molecular Formula:C16 H26 O2
Molecular Weight:250.38
Assay Method:HPLC
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Product Description

High Purity 98% Sclareolide (CAS 564-20-5)

Sclareolide is a sesquiterpene lactone natural product derived from various plant sources including Salvia sclarea, Salvia yosgadensis,and cigar tobacco.It is a close analog of Sclareolide, a plant antifungal compound.

It is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and has been more recently marketed as a weight loss supplement, though there is no clinical evidence to support this effect.


Function of Sclareolide:

1.Sclareolide mainly used for natural alternatives to synthetic ambergris, small volume is also used in Fragrances;

2.Sclareolide is a good tobacco flavor enhancing flavoring agents. In the blended cigarettes, you can cover up the odor of tobacco crude to improve and enhance the flavor quality, given the characteristics of a pleasant aroma of tobacco to make cigarettes more gentle, alcohol sponge entrance, is an effective growth of Hong flavoring agent;

3.Sclareolide to increasing and improving food sense, it has been widely used in food industry. Available in the foods containing sweeteners, as a flavoring agent, increase the smell of food effect in the coffee industry by adding small amount of Sclareolide, you can increase the bitter coffee, coffee, refreshing effect to improve range of applications;

4.In the absence of cardiovascular stimulation case, when the reduction of body fat, the Sclareolide can help improve the quality of the body lose weight, it has been widely used for weight loss products. United States, Japan and European countries through the certification, Sclareolide is safe to lose weight food additives;

5. Sclareolide can enhance immunity and the ability of antivirus and infection;

6. Sclareolide can anti-aging, anti-oxidant , antifatigue, adjusting cerebral nervous system, enhancing hematopoietic function and promoting metabolism;


Application of Sclareolide:

1. Applied in food additives, Sclareolide owns the effect of antifatigue, anti-aging and nourishing brain;

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, Sclareolide is used to treat coronary heart disease, angina cordis ; bradycardia  and high heart rate arrhythmia,high blood pressure, etc;

3. Applied in cosmetics field, Sclareolide owns the effect of whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle,anti-oxidant, activating skin Cells, making skin more tender and firm;

4. Mainly used in the synthesis of nature ambergris substitute products including ambroxide and


5.Sclareolide is a kind of fine tobacco fragrance-adding and flavor-rectifying pharmaceutical;

6.Sclareolide can increase and improve the attraction of the food;

7.Sclareolide can be used in the weightreduction products, help to promote the health of thin figure.

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Packing & Delivery
After the production and test are finished, the powder would be well packed and stored in our warehouse.
  • packing
    1. 1kg-10kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside
    2. 15kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in carton
    3. 25kg-50kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in drum

  • delivery
    1.1kg-50kg,  Internation Express, Fast and convenient, Door To Door   
    Air TransportationFast and cheap, To Air Port  
    3..>500kg, Sea
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