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High Quality Engelhardtia Leaf Extract 10%-80% Astilbin Powder

Product Name: Engelhardtia Leaf Extract
Other Name:Engelhardtia Roxburghiana Powder
Molecular Formula:C21H22O11
Appearance:White powder
Active Ingredient:Astilbin
Application:Food Supplement&Pharmaceutical
Shelf Life:24months
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Product Description

Engelhardtia Leaf Extract

High Quality Engelhardtia Leaf Extract Astilbin 60%

Astilbin is a flavanonol, a type of flavonoid. Astilbin is the (2R-trans)-isomer; neoisoastilbin is the (2S-cis)-isomer and isoastilbin is the (2R-cis)-isomer.

Astilbin, 2R,3R)-Citi pine pigment -3-O-Alpha-L-h pyran rat Lee Glycoside, is 1950 by Kozo Hayashi and Kazuhiko Ouchi first from plant fell bride in the extraction get of compounds, according to literature reported, fell bride glycosides has variety significantly of biology activity, including inhibit auxiliary enzyme a, restore enzyme, inhibit aldehyde sugar restore enzyme, protection liver, analgesic, anti-edema,. Reports in recent years have significant selective immunosuppressive effect of astilbin, and its selection role compared with previous immunosuppression has obvious advantages, so can be used as a new immunosuppressive agent used in the treatment of immune-related diseases.


Function of Astilbin

1. Inhibit the synthesis of fat and cholesterol

Dihydroquercetin can affect lipid metabolism by regulating the activity of enzyme, which can reduce the synthesis of liver fat, inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in cells, and inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol esterification, triesters glycerol and phospholipids in cells.

2. Effects on lymphocytes

Dihydroquercetin can inhibit the proliferation of normal lymphocytes to different degrees, but has no effect on non-malignant cells.Can be used to treat malignant lymphocytic disease.

3. Anticancer effect

Dihydroquercetin can mildly inhibit the growth of phosphocell carcinoma (HTB43) (8mg/mL).The growth of HTB43 cells was inhibited gently in a concentration of 2 ~ 8mg/mL.

4. Inhibition of viral enzymes

Dihydroquercetin has a very high inhibitory effect on viral reverse transcriptase and can play an antiviral role.

5. Effects on intracellular enzymes

Dihydroquercetin induces 2-4 times more total enzyme activity (all reproductive related enzyme activity) in cultured human skin fibroblasts without changing the distribution of intracellular and extracellular enzymes.

6. Anti-oxidation

Dihydroquercetin has strong free radical scavenging and antioxidant effects.It can also protect red blood cells and prevent oxidative hemolysis.

7. Inhibiting the effect of tyrosinase

Dihydroquercetin can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and prevent melanin precipitation.Has the unique whitening effect.


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