High Quality Lentinan Shitake Mushroom Extract,Shitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides

Product Name:shiitake mushroom extract
Latin Name:Lentinus edodes (Berk.) sing
Appearance:Yellow Brown Fine Powder
Test method:HPLC UV
CAS No:37339-90-5
Active Ingredient:t: Polysaccharides / Lentinan S
Certificate:ISO 9001/ Kosher
Specification:10%, 20%, 30%,40%,50% UV

Product Description

Shiitake Extract

High Quality Lentinan Shitake Mushroom Extract SPolysaccharides

Fight Obesity

√ Destroy Cancer Cells

√ Promote Skin Health

√ Support Immune Function

√ Support Cardiovascular Health

√ Boost Energy and Brain Function

√ Promote Skin Health

Shiitake mushrooms (non-GMO) have been eaten for nearly 6000 years. The mushrooms gained prominence during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), where they were considered the "elixir of life" and reserved to be enjoyed only by the emperor and his family. Aside from being a rich source of protein, shiitake mushrooms supply niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, potassium and iron, and are a good source of vitamins A, B and C. When used in their sun-dried form they provide a valuable dose of Vitamin D, found in very few foods. They contain more than 50 different enzymes, including pepsin that supports digestion and asparaginase, which is a substance that supports a healthy immune response.



1).Enhance Immune system, promote metabolism;

2) Anti-tumor and anti-radiation;

3) Protect liver and enhance detoxification;

4) Removing anxiety, anti-fatigue, anti-insomnia, anti-amnesia, improve sleep;

5) Anti-cardiovascular diseases, anti-hypertension, lower blood sugar and cholesterol.



1.As Food ingredients.
2. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.
4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.
5. As a health food ingredients.


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