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Hot Natural Plant Extract Weight Loss Products 2019

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Losing weight is a lasting topic. Due to its clear quality standards, high nutritional value, and small side effects, plant extracts have become the target of obese people who are dieting and losing weight, but are worried about rebounding. Golden Horizon Biologics shares some common weight loss plant extract products.



White Kidney Bean Extract - Bean 1-3%

White Kidney Bean ExtractThe white kidney bean extract is derived from the fruit of the leguminous plant bean, and its active ingredient is coumarin (also known as cowpea protein), which is a natural alpha-amylase inhibitor mainly used for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. It is a green weight loss raw material.

·Weight loss effect

White kidney beans have a gentle play, a stomach, a stagnation, a spleen and kidney, and are a nourishing food. The white kidney bean extract contains an a-amylase inhibitor, which can effectively inhibit the decomposition of starch and is a good medicine for weight loss.

The cowpea protein contained in white kidney beans is a natural amylase inhibitor, which is superior to wheat and other crops. Mainly used to treat obesity, diabetes.

·Principle of weight loss

Amylase inhibitor is a pure natural biological active substance, belonging to a kind of sugar hydrolase inhibitor, which is present in the endosperm of plant seeds and is called "starch blocker" in foreign countries.

The α-amylase inhibitor exerts a weight-loss effect by inhibiting amylase, and is excreted through the gastrointestinal tract, does not enter the blood circulatory system, does not act on the brain center, does not inhibit appetite while losing weight, and is used at a high dose. It also has no side effects, and is very similar to Roche Xenical's weight loss mechanism. It is in line with the World Health Organization's weight loss principle and is a green weight loss material.


Garcinia Cambogia Extract - HCA50% 60%

garcinia-cambogia-weight-lossGarcinia Cambogia is native to India, which is called Brindleberry in India and its scientific name is Garcinia Cambogia. The fruit is very similar to citrus, also known as tamarind. Garcinia Cambogia has been used as one of the spice ingredients of the glutinous rice powder since ancient times. The extract of Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from the peel of this plant, and its effective fraction of HCA (hydroxy citric acid) is extracted exquisitely, containing 10–30% lemon-like. The acid extract HCA is 50%-60%.

·Weight loss, principle

HCA is derived from pure natural extracts, and has a clear chemical composition and weight loss mechanism.

It inhibits the synthesis of fat, promotes the burning of fatty acids, reduces the intake of food, and the Trinity, which achieves the effect of slimming and losing weight. It is a rare and effective health care material with the most effective weight loss. In Europe and the United States is the preferred raw material for slimming health products. HCA is better at helping to lose weight and rebound after losing weight. For those who have lost weight, it is more effective to maintain their weight by ingesting products that contain HCA ingredients.

HCA is particularly suitable for Orientals: It is important to note that citrate lyase is particularly suitable for Orientals who eat starch as a staple food because it only works when carbohydrates are excessively ingested. In other words, the Chinese use HCA for weight loss and slimming effect is better than Europeans and Americans.


Green Coffee Bean Extract - Chlorogenic Acid 50%

green-coffee-bean-weight-loss_thumbThe green coffee bean extract is derived from the seeds of the Rubiaceae plant, small fruit coffee, medium fruit coffee and large fruit coffee.

Its main component is chlorogenic acid, which has the functions of weight loss, antihypertensive, anti-tumor, kidney-reinforcing, anti-oxidation, etc. It can also be used as a health food to make the health food sweet and delicious. The main component of the extraction is chlorogenic acid, which has a good weight loss effect.

·Chlorogenic acid effect

Chlorogenic acid has obvious effects of weight loss and antihypertensive effect, and its curative effect is stable and has no toxic side effects. Japanese scholars have studied the role of chlorogenic acid in anti-mutation, revealing the preventive effect on tumors; in addition, anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation Aging, anti-skeletal aging is also the effect of chlorogenic acid.


The above three products are the most popular slimming plant extract products that have been summarized in the sales process. They are suitable for women's weight loss health care products, both in terms of price and efficacy.In addition, Green Tea extract, Senna leaf extract, Bitter Melon Extract and L-carnitine are also good choices.


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