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How Many of These Stevia Drinks Have You Tried?

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The low-sugar, low-calorie product characteristics of stevia extract stevia have become the consensus of consumers and the food industry worldwide. Even the beverage giant Coca-Cola has to constantly update the choice of sweeteners, just to reverse carbonated drinks. "High sugar" label, in the process of exploring low-calorie, high-sweetness natural sweeteners, the emergence of stevia seems to give the food industry a glimmer of hope. With the development of modern plant extraction industry, stevia derived from healthy sweet Flavor products are more and more welcomed by the market, becoming "explosive models" in the field of sweeteners! According to Statmin, as of the end of 2016, there were 3,223 food and beverage products containing stevia, of which 1,396 were beverage products. So how many drinks have you had of stevia?

Stevia Drinks

How many of the stevia drinks have you tried?


It is understood that currently, steviol glycosides have been widely used in the production of food, beverages, and seasonings in Asia, North America, South America, and European Union countries. Especially in the throes of beverage sales that have been declining year by year, healthier and more natural sweeteners have to be adopted to let consumers know that beverages can also be healthy! At the end of 2016, there were 1,396 beverages using stevia. This number is indeed not shocking enough for the beverage industry that belongs to FMCG, but after comparing, you know what this number means. You can clearly see from the table below. So far, in 2010, there were only 149 drinks using stevia, and the data for six years had nearly doubled. This means that stevia has changed from a questionable sweetener with taste defects to a sweetener product that is currently highly competitive from technology development to application. This trend is clearly visible at well-known food ingredients exhibitions at home and abroad. , Stevia research and application or trade-type exhibitors have shown an upward trend year by year in terms of quantity, scale and on-site atmosphere.


The speed at which stevia is applied to beverages is shocking, but the penetration rate among domestic consumers is low. Most consumers know that high sugar in drinks is not good for health, but for the healthy sweetness of stevia The agent is still in an unfamiliar stage. However, the publicity of natural sweeteners in major media and the application of stevia as a sweetener by some well-known domestic beverage companies have begun to appear in the domestic market and have been favored by consumers.


Among them, the two hot-selling beverages "Uncle Xiao" and Nongfu Spring "Tea π" produced by the unified producer are believed to have been tasted by many consumers. One of their common features is the use of stevia in place of some cane sugar, highlighting the tea drink. Health. Natural plant-derived sweeteners not only give consumers a satisfying sense of sweetness on the palate, but also control the sugar content within a reasonable range to improve the health value of the beverage. However, because it only replaces a part of sucrose, compared to Japanese Korean tea, the sugar content is relatively high, and the taste has not yet reached the "tea taste over sweetness" measure.

 Stevia Drinks

Stevia is hailed as the "third-generation healthy sugar source" and "best natural sweetener" by the international community, and has been recognized by relevant regulations. Although China is the world's leading producer of steviol glycosides, it is being used in technology research and development It is more advantageous to promote Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

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