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November 07, 2018
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How to Distinguish Tongkat Ali

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Tongkat Ali is a very popular health product. You can see a lot of Tongkat Alis in the market for you to choose. As a buyer, can you distinguish if it is not fake or low-quality? Here are some tips.



The best Tongkat Ali is from Malaysia and Kalimantan Island (commonly known as Borneo) of Indonesia.In Malaysia, it is regard to be the “National Treasure”, so it must be high quality with high price, but impossible high quality with low price.


Some manufacturers purchase raw materials from Vietnam and Cambodia for a lower cost. However, due to the different environment; these materials are less effective in active ingredient and high content in heavy metal.


So let the price help you to distinguish the product.


2Raw Material

The root of Tongkat Ali is the best part. But some manufacturers use the other part, like the trunk. Please do not choose the raw materials with huge size and a lot of annual-rings, it may be the trunk.



Some manufacturers grinde the raw material into powder instead of extraction; while some add other additives into the extract to improve the function.


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