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How to protect your eyes for ‘ mobile phone control ’

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Now that the mobile phone has become an inseparable product for everyone, unconsciously everyone is addicted to the mobile phone and become a mobile phone control, but the long-term view of the mobile phone is very harmful to the eyes, speeding up the aging of the eyes, letting you have 60 years old eyes when you are 30 years old . More importantly, long-term viewing of mobile phones can also cause some eye diseases:

 healthy eyes

1.Dry eyes

In the process of playing the mobile phone for a long time, the eyes need to gather on the screen of the mobile phone for a long time, which is easy to cause eye fatigue. Especially when playing mobile phones, many people's eyes are far from the mobile phone, which is more likely to cause dry eyes.


2. Visual fatigue

Playing mobile phones for a long time can easily cause eye fatigue. During the process of playing the mobile phone, the muscles around the eyes need to stay in tension for a long time, and the muscles around the eyes are easily caused by excessive stress, and this damage can eventually develop into myopia from the initial visual fatigue as time goes by.


3. Blurred vision

Playing the phone for a long time can easily cause blurred vision. Especially in the dark environment, the long-term contact with the light from the screen of the mobile phone can easily cause muscle tension around the eyes, and the normal focusing ability of the eyes is affected, which may cause blurred vision.


4. Conjunctival lesions of the eye

If you lie on your mobile phone for a long time, it will easily cause a lot of blood flowing to your eyes and make the conjunctival blood vessels in the eye congested. In the long run, it is easy to have chronic inflammatory lesions in the conjunctival tissue.


5. Susceptible to dry eye syndrome

During the long time of playing the mobile phone, the flashing light and shadow on the screen of the mobile phone can easily cause continuous damage to the eyes. The eyes are easy to feel tired at first. If the mobile phone is still playing, the eye muscles are highly nervous, and the number of blinks is relatively reduced. It will aggravate eye fatigue, dryness, and finally dry eye.


6. Induced cataract

In the process of using the mobile phone, it is easy to generate electromagnetic crystal damage to the lens of the eye. If the mobile phone is used for a long time or the phone is used for a long time, cataract may be induced. Especially for people who like to make calls for a long time, if you need to use a mobile phone, it is best to try to stay away from the head or use headphones to answer and so on.


So How Do We Protect Our Eyes?

First develop a good eye habit:

1. Keep a distance of about 30 cm between the eyes and the phone.

2. The intensity of the light should be moderate, and should be shot from the left front to prevent the shadow from obstructing the line of sight.

3. The browsing time should not be too long, don't lie down, rest for 10 to 15 minutes after 40 to 50 minutes, close your eyes or look far.

4. Strengthen eyesight training and insist on eye exercises.


Secondly, supplement the nutrients that are worn by the eyes. For example, health products containing blueberry anthocyanin and marigold extract lutein ester are often used to effectively prevent eye aging and lesions and improve eye discomfort.


The Efficacy and Effect of Blueberries:

Blueberry is a kind of blue berry. The anthocyanin contained in it is an important element to maintain eye health and prevent visual impairment. It protects the eye microvessels, promotes blood circulation, accelerates the regeneration of rhodopsin, and protects the eyes and relieves Eye fatigue, prevention of myopia, moderate myopia, and eliminate all kinds of discomfort.


Blueberry quickly protects the eyes and has excellent eyesight. It is called the treasure of eye protection. As the age increases, the visual red pigment in the eye is decomposed, and the VMA (anthocyanin pigment) in the blueberry fruit can protect the microvessels of the eye, improve blood circulation, promote re-synthesis of the retinoid, improve vision, broaden the field of vision, and reduce eye fatigue. Enhance night vision, prevent cataracts, and maintain long-term vision after long-term use.

 Blueberry Fruit Extract

The Principle of Lutein Ester to Protect the Eyes:

Lutein can protect eyes from light, computer, TV and other radiation damage. When ultraviolet or blue light in the sun and radiation from computers and televisions enter the eyes, it will induce a large amount of free radicals, which will cause eye damage, vision failure, myopia, cataracts. But lutein in the macular area of the eye removes free radicals, filters blue light, and protects the eyes.


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