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Inulin Food Applications

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1. Process Low-Fat Foods (Such As Cream Spreads)

Inulin is an excellent substitute for the same fat. When it is completely mixed with water, it forms a cream-like structure, which makes it easy to replace fat in foods and provides a smooth taste, good balance and full flavor. It can replace fat into fiber, increase the compactness and taste of the product and stably improve the dispersion of emulsification. It can replace 30-60% of fat in the processing of cream and spread food.


2. Configure a High-Fiber Diet

Inulin has good solubility in water, which enables it to be combined with water-based systems and contains rich water-soluble dietary fiber. Unlike other fibers, it does not cause precipitation problems. It is very convenient to use inulin as a fiber ingredient. Improve the sensory persistence, they can help the human body to obtain a more balanced diet, so it can be used as high-fiber food ingredients.


3. It Can Be Used As a Proliferation Factor Of Bifidobacteria And Belongs To Prebiotic Food Ingredients

Inulin can be used by beneficial bacteria in the human intestine, especially it can multiply bifidobacteria by 5-10 times, and at the same time, harmful bacteria will be significantly reduced, improving the distribution of human flora and promoting health. Inulin has been listed as important The bifidus bar benefit proliferation factor.


4. Used In Milk Beverages And Yogurt Liquid Milk

2~5% powder is added to milk beverages and yogurt liquid milk. In addition to the function of containing fiber and oligosaccharides, the stool product can also increase the employment. The richer cream of the product has a better balanced structure. And a fuller flavor.


5. Used For Cultivating Roasted Products

Adding labor powder to the baked products in the museum is used to develop low-sleeping bread, such as multi-fiber white bread and even multi-fiber gluten-free bread. Inulin can increase the stability of the dough, adjust the absorption of water, increase the volume of the bread, improve the uniformity of the bread portion and the ability to form slices.


6. Used In Fruit Juice Drinks, Functional Water Drinks, Sports Drinks, Fruit Juices, Jellies

Adding 0.8~3% of labor powder to fruit juice drinks, functional water drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, and jellies can make the flavor of the drink branch stronger and have a better texture.

7. Used In Milk Powder, Dried Milk Slices, Frozen Cheese Desserts

Adding 8~10% of inulin to milk powder and dried fresh milk: cheese frozen sun can make the product stronger, stronger flavor, and better texture.


Inulin Safety And Dosage

In 2003, the US FDA has confirmed that inulin is a generally recognized safe substance, with an effective daily intake of 5 grams and a recommended daily intake of 15-20 grams.


In 2009, my country issued the No. 5 Announcement of 2009: According to the "Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China" and "New Resource Food Safety Management Measures", inulin was officially approved as a new resource food, which can be used in famous foods, but does not include Baby food.


On December 12, 2015, the European Union issued Regulations (EU) 2015/2314. Approving health claims that inulin helps maintain normal intestinal function. According to the latest regulations, the conditions for use of inulin are: consumers can only obtain effective functions if they consume 12g a day. This statement is only used to provide daily intake of 12g of inulin, monosaccharides (< 10%), disaccharides, inulin-type fructans, average degree of polymerization ≥9, easy to replace fat in food, and provide a smooth taste , Well-balanced and full flavor. It can replace fat into fiber, increase the compactness and taste of the product and stably improve the dispersion of emulsification. It can replace 30-60% of fat in the processing of cream and spread food.

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