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Market Development Trend And Application Field Analysis of Turmeric in 2020

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As the largest consumer market for turmeric, the United States imports millions of pounds of turmeric raw materials all over the world every year. A large part of them are used in fragrance products and dietary supplements. However, as the market continues to heat up, more and more new turmeric products have sprung up like mushrooms.


The related scientific research of turmeric and its active compound curcumin has played a positive role in the development of the raw material market. With the continuous innovation of processing technology, turmeric can be easily made into a variety of products, from food to beverages to dietary supplements. There are many turmeric / curcumin related products on the market. The following turmeric products involve cereals Beverages, food, snacks, dairy products and dietary supplements.

 Turmeric Powder

1. Beverage products

In most cases, turmeric is poorly soluble in liquid and appears dark yellow. In other cases, manufacturers may use turmeric ingredients that are more soluble or less pigmented. Regardless of whether precipitation and color are worthy of attention, the introduction of turmeric beverages is increasing.

The SPINS report shows that among all the turmeric product categories tracked in 2018, frozen juice and functional beverages ranked fourth, with sales in the United States of nearly $ 12 million, only a few million dollars less than shelf-stable tea. Although the bitter taste of turmeric can be masked with a particularly sweet taste, the spicy and bitter taste may be the most complementary.


2. Cereals

Surprisingly, hot and cold cereal products are the fastest growing category of turmeric. According to data from market research company SPINS, turmeric-containing cold and hot cereal products increased by 928% and 620% in 2019, respectively, and the total market sales in the United States reached 1.35 million US dollars. Unlike berries, consumers are unlikely to encounter freeze-dried turmeric pieces in these cereal products. A small amount of turmeric powder is enough to make the ingredient label more attractive and give a unique turmeric taste.


03.Snack products

Snack products are another area where turmeric raw materials are quickly applied. Innova Market Insights market data shows that from 2014 to 2018, the global number of turmeric foods and beverages launched, the number of snack products jumped from 5th in 2014 to 3rd in 2018, but lags behind sauce & Seasonings, ready meals & side dishes. In 2018, turmeric snacks accounted for 9.9% of global food and beverage product launches.


4. Dairy products

In 2019, a company launched a turmeric wolfberry yogurt called "Moment Before Drinking". The product ingredients are mainly turmeric and wolfberry, which are specially developed for the hangover market. Many studies have found that turmeric can enhance the ability of the liver to hangover, and wolfberry also has the advantage of hangover and protect the liver.


5. Dietary supplements

In 2019, the plant supplement market report released by the American Board of Plants (ABC) showed that in 2017, turmeric sales in mainstream retail channels were US $ 32,456,933, a year-on-year increase of 46.7%. In 2018, turmeric maintained rapid growth, reaching US $ 93,312,677, a year-on-year increase of 30.5%, rising from fifth place in 2017 to third place in 2018.


There is no doubt that turmeric is still the darling of the market. With the continuous improvement of processing technology and technology, I believe that the market of turmeric will expand further. At the same time, the use of turmeric extract can be challenging because it has a fluffy consistency and poor flow properties, and because of the bright yellow coloring properties, the additional cleaning costs may be higher. However, turmeric raw material suppliers are also actively addressing these challenges, constantly innovating and iteratively upgrading raw materials.

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