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Natural Watermelon Peel Extract Powder Soft Skin Whitening

Product Name:Watermelon Peel Powder
Appearance:Fine Powder
Color: Brown Yellow
Active Ingredient:watermelon skin extrac
  • GHB

Product Description

watermelon peel extract powder


watermelon peel extract contains a lot of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acids, lycopene and rich vitamin C and other substances, is a high nutritional, pure, safe food. In addition, there are proteins, glucose, sucrose, fructose, malic acid, citrulline, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, endocrine, propionic acid, ethylene glycol, betaine, adenine, sucrose, turnip, carotene, tomato hydrocarbon, hexahydrotomato hydrocarbon, vitamin A, B, C, volatile components containing a variety of aldehydes.The watermelon peel extract contains: the watermelon skin is rich in vitamin C and E.



1. skin care

watermelon peel extract also contain a variety of important chemical ingredients that are beneficial to health and beauty. It contains citrulline, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, malic acid, phosphoric acid and other skin physiological activities of amino acids, but also contains important metabolic components such as adenine, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Watermelon these ingredients, the most easily absorbed by the skin, facial skin moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening effect is very good. Watermelon extract can increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and add luster. Crush the watermelon in a bowl and filter out the juice. This is a natural skin toner. Use it as a makeup lotion every morning and evening before making up. It is refreshing and non-irritating. Persistence can make your face look better and make up lasting and bright.


2. diuresis

watermelon peel extract can reduce the content of bile pigment, and make the stool unobstructed, has a certain role in the treatment of jaundice. In addition, the diuretic effect of watermelon can also make salt out of the body, reduce edema, especially leg edema, for women sitting in front of the computer for a long time and numb legs swollen, watermelon is a natural leg fruit.


3. anti fatigue

watermelon peel extract is rich in potassium, which can quickly replenish potassium easily lost with sweat in summer, avoid muscle weakness and fatigue, and drive away burnout. Potassium is also one of the essential elements of beautiful legs, often eat watermelon, drink more watermelon juice, you will get a beautiful leg shape.



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Packing & Delivery
After the production and test are finished, the powder would be well packed and stored in our warehouse.
  • packing
    1. 1kg-10kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside
    2. 15kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in carton
    3. 25kg-50kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in drum

  • delivery
    1.1kg-50kg,  Internation Express, Fast and convenient, Door To Door   
    Air TransportationFast and cheap, To Air Port  
    3..>500kg, Sea
      Transportation, Cheap and convenient, To Port
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