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Olive Leaf Extract

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Throughout the ages, olive branches have been regarded as symbols of peace. Olive tree fruit, olives and its juices, olive oil has always played an important role in the kitchen world, they are not only delicious, but also nutritious, bringing a lot of benefits to human health.


Today, let's take a look at another part of the olive tree – the olive leaf, which has a very high medicinal value and is bringing good news to humanity.

During the war between Spain and France in 1801-1813, the Spanish theater doctors discovered a secret that equalized the secret of a military weapon. They made a slightly bitter taste with olive leaves, and the green drinks were distributed as drug drinks to the injured high fever soldiers. This drink reduced the soldier's body temperature from an extreme danger of 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Soon into the front line and repel the French attack.


Between 1827-1855, there was news in the medical community that bitter tea made from olive leaves could treat malaria. After the olive leaves were boiled in boiling water, they were served as a prescription for malaria patients, sometimes infiltrating wine as a drink. There have been reports of patients recovering through this experimental method, which has now been adopted by many domestic and foreign health experts.


At present, pharmacies or health pharmacies in the United States sell a wide variety of olive leaf extract products. One of the most important indicators uses the content of Oleuropein to judge its pros and cons. It usually contains 6% of olive bitter. Drug effect. And our Liner Bio can produce olive bitter and natural saponin of up to 80%, 30% hydroxytyrosol (obtained by hydrolysis of olive bitter), which is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and health care products.


Olive bitter 80%

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the specifications of olive leaf extract produced by our company are as follows:

Olive Leaf Extract, Oleuropein, specification: 10%-80% powder

Olive Leaf Extract, Hydroxytyrosol, Specification: 3%-30% powder; 20%-50% extract

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