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Phaseolin 1% 2% for Diabetes White Kidney Bean Extract Powder

Product Name: White Kidney beans
Botanical source: Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Application:Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure
Appearance:Off-white Powder
Active Ingredient:Phaseolin, phaseolus vulgaris
Purity:Phaseolin 1%-2%
Test Method:HPLC
  • GHB

Product Description

White Kidney Bean Extract.

Phaseolin 1% 2% for Diabetes White Kidney Bean Extract Powder 

The active ingredient in white kidney beans which gets extracted is called phaseolus vulgaris, which effectively prevents the pancreas from secreting amylase. If 1.5 grams of the supplement is taken with a carb heavy meal, over half the calories coming from complex, starchy carbs will not get digested and instead will ferment in your intestines. The only side effect most people experience from this process is slight bloating and sometimes excessive gas.

White bean extract is widely marketed as a weight loss aid. The product is also purported to prevent obesity and reduce abdominal fat.

Not only touted as a natural weight loss aid, white bean extract is said to keep blood sugar in check, fight insulin resistance, protect against diabetesand heart disease, enhance athletic performance, increase energy, ease symptoms of arthritis, and aid in the prevention of colon cancer.


The main active compounds of white kidney bean extract are:

1.α -Amylase blocker: also referred to as phaseolamin, this lectin acts as a carbohydrate blocker by preventing the binding of starch to the enzyme that breaks it down (α-amylase). This means that fewer carbohydrates are absorbed into the body.

2.Phytohemagglutinin: this lectin binds to receptors on the intestinal lining and suppresses appetite by influencing the release of certain hormones (decreases ghrelin).


Other white kidney bean compounds that might be present in small amounts are:

1.Trypsin and chymotrypsin blockers: block the protein-digesting enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin. High-temperatures and pressure can destroy these blockers, preventing the digestive problems experienced when eating beans or taking in the extract.

2.Phaseolin: although it is a very nutritious amino acid source, this protein can cause allergies.

3.Saponins: these substances can have both positive (acts as an antioxidantand protection against fungi and viruses) and negative (reduced protein digestion and mineral uptake) effects.

4.Phytic acid: its intake reduces the absorption of mineral nutrients and the digestion of proteins but enhances the immune system and can protect against some cancers.

5.Arcelins: these lectins bind to a membrane in the gut of insects and prevent them from absorbing nutrients. No effects have been described in humans.



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