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Plant Extracts Anthocyanins Have Been Found To Be Effective For Weight Loss

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Recently, scientists from Nu Skin Enterprises and KGK Synergize discovered that taking a mixture of anthocyanins and prebiotics can adjust the intestinal ecosystem and improve the intestinal microbiome, thereby helping to improve human digestion and effectively removing cellulite and fat. Anthocyanins are flavonoids in phenolic compounds. They are water-soluble pigments that are widely present in the tissues of plant petals, fruits, and the surface cells and epidermis of stems and leaves. In recent years, anthocyanins have attracted much attention as a safe and non-toxic nutritional natural food coloring. They have great application potential in the fields of health food, cosmetics, medicine, food additives, etc., and become an important part of China's plant extract exports. component.

The following common plant extracts are rich in anthocyanins. Choosing food and beverages containing these ingredients can greatly help you lose weight:

Anthocyanins have more than 300 different anthocyanins derived from different fruits and vegetables in nature. Its main sources are black wolfberry, blueberry, grape, purple sweet potato, black currant and so on. Among them, black wolfberry is the variety with the highest anthocyanin content and the best quality. The OPC content exceeds blueberry (Blackberry wolfberry contains OPC3690mg/100g; blueberry contains OPC3303380mg/100g), and it is the natural wild plant with the highest OPC content found so far . But black wolfberry can only grow under harsh conditions and has low yield, so the price is very expensive. Blueberry extract Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients. It not only has good nutrition and health effects, but also has the functions of preventing cranial nerve aging, strengthening the heart, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, and enhancing human immunity. 

Blueberries have high pectin content, which can effectively lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, and promote cardiovascular health; blueberries contain cyanine pigments, which have the effect of activating the retina, can strengthen vision and prevent eye fatigue; rich in vitamin C It has the effect of enhancing heart function, preventing cancer and heart disease, preventing cranial nerves from aging, and improving brain power; it also has a certain improvement effect on common colds, sore throat and diarrhea.


Grape seed extract is a class of polyphenols extracted and separated from grape seeds. It is mainly composed of proanthocyanidins, catechins, epicatechins, gallic acid, epicatechin gallate and other polyphenols. The antioxidant effect of grape seed extract can protect structural tissues from being destroyed by free radicals, thereby delaying aging. Grape seed extract proanthocyanidin OPC is a natural sun covering, which can block ultraviolet rays from harming the skin, and can also repair damaged collagen and elastic fibers. Grape seed extract has astringent effect, tightens the skin, prevents the early appearance of skin wrinkles, long-term use can make the skin smooth and elastic, and has the effect of beauty and beauty.

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