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Plant Extracts: Overall Nutritional Requirements For Healthy Aging

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Recently, a new survey shows that consumers are increasingly looking for a more comprehensive method to achieve healthy aging. Research shows that 70% of consumers have made changes in the past year to improve their health. These changes are not only for physical health, but also focus on balancing physical, mental, and emotional aspects. In view of this, nutrition that supports physical and mental health is booming and can meet the needs of different stages.


Physical Health Is The First Priority 

"Healthy aging" is the process of developing and maintaining healthy functional capabilities in the elderly. As people in this age group strive to stay healthy and more active, people over 60 will continue to be redefined. For many people, this is crucial because they may work into their later years compared to previous generations, either out of choice or out of need.


A 2019 study by Innova Market Insights also showed that 76% of consumers between the ages of 26 and 55 believe that healthy aging begins with their diet. At the same time, 56% of people said that their consumption of functional foods and beverages has increased compared with the previous year.

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Healthy Aging Claims On Packaging

In this area, innovation activities are gradually rising to cater for this gap. As the younger generation prefers functional foods and beverages rather than traditional supplement forms, healthy aging claims are increasingly common in food and beverages to meet various needs.


Survey data shows that the global growth rate of food and beverages with positive health claims from 2018 to 2019 is 11%, with particular attention to healthy aging or good aging, including the elderly and young people who have received preventive care. Among them, in 2019, 30% of respondents over 55 chose tablets and 26% chose capsules as their first choice for supplements.


However, among people aged 26 to 35, nearly 30% prefer food supplements and 28% prefer drink supplements. Among those aged 36 to 45 years, these two proportions are respectively. Slightly reduced to 22% and 25%. This provides an opportunity to redefine supplements and how to use them. Market researchers said that the boundaries between supplements and food and food are becoming blurred.


In recent years, as the relationship between specific nutrients and health benefits has become closer, more plant extracts have been recognized and accepted by more and more people, such as bitter tea extract, marigold extract, etc. In addition, brain health is another area of increasing concern, especially in how to delay aging, and interest in improving body appearance through nutrition and diet is also rapidly rising.

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