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Plant extracts in China: The History and Development

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Plant extracts an industry development characteristics:

Plant extracts industry is designed for feed, food and beverage, nutritional additives, cosmetics, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries with natural plant extracts of raw material in emerging industries.


In the early 1980 s, Europe and the United States and other developed countries raised a tide of return to nature, people in the know to the chemical synthetic product security after the side effects of natural plant extracts, plant extracts industry began to rise.

 Plant extracts

The United States in 1994 promulgated the dietary supplement health and education act, according to the law, the United States food and drug administration (FDA) formally accepted plant extract used as a food supplement, plant extracts industry developed rapidly.


The plant extracts of the industry in our country living source from traditional Chinese herbal medicine industry. TCM mechanized production in China in the 1970 s, plant extracts industry began to grow, but only as a traditional Chinese medicine factory production plant extracts production process, did not develop into an independent industry. China’s industrial information network (

In mid and late 1990s, with foreign trade prosperity, the domestic plant extracts industry developed. Industry development so far only a dozen years, less controlled by planned economy system, the marketization degree is higher, planting, purchasing raw material to processing, the sale is determined by market supply and demand, such as link is regulated by the administrative intervention or policy.


Early industry development, the entry threshold is not high, most of the enterprise strength is weak, investment on a smaller scale, the low level of technology, technology and equipment is poor, industry concentration degree is low, less competitive, are mainly developed countries provide raw materials plant medicine and other industries. As industry development, a number of poorly run enterprises elimination restructuring or consolidation, part of the advanced technology, capital strength of the enterprise, industry concentration.


Plant extracts industry is between pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, agriculture and other industries of emerging industries, there is no special administrative departments and perfect the laws and regulations of the plant extracts industry, its development mainly rely on industry self-discipline. Related industrial policy research, develop and project management work of examination and approval shall be the responsibility of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), China food additives and ingredients association plant extracts and Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce branch responsible for participation in a certain extent industry planning, the healthy development of service industry, etc.


Our country is agricultural country, has rich natural plant resources, excellent geographical conditions and a variety of climatic conditions, for the plant extracts industry provides a good space for development, the industry in the domestic rapid development speed. At present our country have become the main supplier of natural plant extracts products, due to the domestic market is small, products are mainly exported to overseas markets.

 plant extract

At present, the research direction has the following four plant extracts industry trends:

(1) Research and development of new products

Along with the development of science and technology and the expansion of plant research, the scientists found a lot of new plant resources and effect are beneficial to health, the industrialization of research results, the development of new plant extracts products is the direction of the industry's continuing research.


(2) The research and development of new technology

Plant extracts industry is to have the new industry of high-tech content, extraction process of scientific and technological content in extracts from largely determines the quality of the products. Technological level of natural plant extracts product competitiveness is a key factor. Continuous improvement and development of new technology, improve the extraction yield, improve quality, reduce cost, improve product technical and economic indicators, make the product technology and quality to catch up with the international level is currently the industry direction. China’s industrial information network (


(3) The natural active monomers components research and development

Because the exact composition structure and function of the plant extracts monomer, stronger, higher price and benefit, so the natural plant extracts technology development direction of the products is the extraction and separation of active monomers effectively.


(4) The natural health products research and development

With natural, healthy consumption idea thorough popular feeling gradually, the market for the plant extracts of health food, beverage, cosmetics and other products showed unprecedented enthusiasm, to develop such products and plant extracts industry research direction.


1, the industrial chain

Plant extracts the extracted object is plant resources of the industry, the upstream industry is planting, plant extracts industry downstream is pharmaceuticals, food additives, feed additives industry, health care products industry, cosmetic industry and other industries.

Natural plant extracts industry upstream and downstream industry chain


2, the influence of the upstream industry of plant extracts industry development

Extraction of plant extracts industry raw materials for the plant resources, planting directly influence the development of the industry. Is power plant resources in our country, the rich plant species, plant extracts industry development is very beneficial to our country. Plant extracts industry raw materials for the economic crops, planting yields higher than food crops, is beneficial to increase the income of farmers and agricultural industry upgrading, can solve the problem of increasing farmers' income, support by relevant government departments, industry development from the tax, finance, land and other aspects have preferential policies to support the industry. Choice fickle kinds of farmers and the support of national policy, the future development of the industry has a positive role in promoting. China’s industrial information network (


3, the influence of the downstream industry to plant extracts industry

With the improvement of living standards, health knowledge popularization, the consumer side effects on chemical synthetic products have more and more profound understanding of, also more and more attention to their health issue, feed, food, medicine, health products and cosmetics to "green" increasingly, natural, pollution-free plant extracts products in the above industry has huge development space and market prospect.


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