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Quality Control
Products  Quality  is  Golden  Horizon  Biologics's  Top  Priority
1. Quality Control System (QC)
Ensure that the product meets the quality standards in each production process;
Ensure that the equipment used in production, solvent and other indicators meet the relevant standards;

2. Quality Assurance System (QA)
Ensure that the entire production process meets the requirements of cGMP and other relevant standards;
Quality is Golden Horizon Biologics's top priority. From raw materials to entering the factory, the intermediate system control in the production process, as well as the quality control of the solvent and auxiliary materials used, and the quality control of the final product, the company strictly controls according to the requirements of cGMP1 to ensure that the product quality complies with the US Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia. , Chinese Pharmacopoeia related requirements.
Planting Bases

GMP Standard Production Process
Our production process is strict with GMP standard to ensure the quality of our freeze-dried products
production process
  • Raw Material Control
    We operate our own plant base to ensure the quality of our freeze-dried products from the very beginning of the production.
  • Equipment Control
    We have advanced freeze drying equipment and advanced quality testing equipment, etc.
  • Management Control
    ISO9001 Certified & GMP Certified
  • Quality Control
    ISO9001 Certified & Kosher Certified




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