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Sales Increased By 3995%, And The Adaptation To The Original Herbal Medicine Market Ushered In An Explosive Moment In 2021!

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In the past two years, the concept of adaptogen has been gradually recognized by people. On the one hand, adapting the original herbal medicine has a long history of use, and the more realistic reason is that the adapted original herbal medicine is more in line with the current market trend. Chronic stress has become a global problem. Long-term chronic stress will affect people's mood, sleep, work status, and ultimately affect people's overall health.


Adapt To The Original Herbal Medicine Market


01 The Trend Of Pressure Relief & Sleep Aid Is Constantly Obvious


At present, overall health and sleep, mood, and mental health have been interrelated, and there has been a significant increase in the development of new products targeting sleep and relaxation claims on the market. According to InnovaMarket Insights market data, from 2015 to 2019, the number of new product developments for sleep and relaxation products increased from 1,735 to 2,833.


Looking back at the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic has made people realize the importance of health. Although time has allowed most people to accept the status quo of this new normal, the future is still full of uncertainty. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to take active measures to try to improve their environment, even if it is just a simple sleep.


02 Adapt to The Original Herbal Medicine Market Attracts Attention

Adaptogens refer to mushrooms and herbs that can help the body adapt to physical and psychological stress, and can well regulate the connection between stress and immune function. There are many kinds of herbal medicines adapted to the original category, mainly based on the Indian Ayurvedic system and Chinese traditional medicine. At present, the more common ones are holy basil, ashwagandha, maca, ginseng, rhodiola, and medicinal mushrooms. .


Adaptogen, as a category, has been increasingly recognized by consumers. Ashwagandha has become the most concerned ingredient in this category, partly because it is believed to support chronic stress management and sleep, which are two concerns of consumers. Major health issues. In the Ayurvedic system, Ashwagandha is used for emotional support and treatment of anxiety. It has anti-anxiety effects, can relieve stress and anxiety, is an immunomodulator, can help relieve mood swings.


Although there is no clinical definition of adaptogen, this concept has been in the natural products industry for some time. For a long time, practitioners in the field of natural products have known about adaptogens. Although the market share of adapting the original category is increasing, its influence is still very small compared with Ashwagandha. On the contrary, Ashwagandha, as a kind of food, is increasingly becoming a mainstream food.


03 The Ashwagandha Market Grew By 3995%, Leading The Adaptation To The Development Of The Original Herbal Medicine Market

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an Ayurvedic herb with a long history. More and more research institutions are interested in it. It is a rising star in the field of stress management and sleep support, and its health benefits are also It is extending to immune health and sports nutrition.


In 2020, the sales of the Ashwagandha market will increase significantly, and chronic stress and insomnia will continue to increase, especially during the epidemic. It is expected that Ashwagandha will lead the trend of adapting to the original herbal medicine market in 2021.


According to the herbal medicine market report released by the U.S. Plant Council, Ashwagandha was the fifth most popular herbal medicine in the U.S. natural retail channel in 2019, with market sales of 13.7 million U.S. dollars. Among mainstream channels in the United States in 2019, Ashwagandha's sales grew the third highest, second only to cannabidiol (CBD) and elderberry, with sales increasing 45.2% to 10.8 million U.S. dollars.


As of 52 weeks before November 29, 2020, SPINS market data shows that the sales of Ashwagandha in the mainstream sleep support supplement category in the United States in 2020 will increase by 3995%. Ashwagandha is even more than 2 million US dollars higher than the market sales of serotonin (5-HTP, a sleep aid). In terms of natural supplement channels in the United States, consumers have a high level of awareness of Ashwagandha, and its sales in the emotional health support category continue to remain stable, and its current sales are second only to magnesium.


As the popularity of Ashwagandha among new consumer groups continues to increase, consumers are also looking for natural options to support stress and sleep. This ingredient has successfully created an adaptogen product category and has become an emerging ingredient in this category leader.


04 Brand Owners Are Optimistic About Adapting To The Original Market

Many people recognize adaptogens because Ashwagandha is the entry herb into the overall category of adaptogens. At present, mainstream companies regard Ashwagandha as a turning point in product development, not only for the herbal medicine itself, but also for the adaptogen category. More and more manufacturers are looking for other adaptive ingredients to meet the demands of stress and sleep support products.


Vicks recently launched a product featuring Ashwagandha. Vicks Zzzs Pure Zzzs Decompression and Sleeping Gummy contains Ashwagandha, which means that this ingredient has reached the stage of universal use. Products such as gummies will attract more casual mainstream consumers, who will notice that this unfamiliar new herb is used by trusted brands, and more knowledge about Ayurveda and adaptogens may also increase. Growing up driven by the brand.


Like many dietary supplements, Ashwagandha is often used as a supplement to promote specific health benefits. This stress-relief and sleep gummies are blended with Ashwagandha and the very popular melatonin. This also makes Ashwagandha and CBD a trend of compounding.


Nature’s Way recently launched a new CBD stress supplement, which contains Sensoril, a combination of broad-spectrum hemp extract and Ashwagandha Sensoril to help reduce daily stress. This synergistic blend will help increase the popularity of the herb.


05 The Key To The Success Of The Ashwagandha Market

First, the data on the scientific mechanism behind herbal medicine is the foundation.


Although the Ayurvedic system has a long history of use and safety records, the continued in-depth scientific research is undoubtedly supporting the success of Ashwagandha. From stress relief and sleep health to other areas such as cardiovascular health, sports nutrition, immune support and pet care, more clinical and animal studies are analyzing the mechanism behind it. Part of these scientific research progress is the development and scientific verification of standardized ingredients. For example, products such as Ixoreal Biomed’s KSM-66, Natreon Inc’s Sensoril, and Sabinesa’s Shagandha all seek to differentiate themselves by providing quality, verification and versatility. .


Second, The Vertical Integration Of The Supply Chain.


Due to the pressure of the supply chain, vertical integration will become the future trend. Suppliers with a vertical supply chain will have an advantage over other suppliers, and independent third-party quality certification will also instill consumer confidence in product quality. When market demand is high, herbal medicines are more likely to be adulterated, as does Ashwagandha, and there is market adulteration. Some suppliers have also taken corresponding measures. For example, Sabinza's products have been verified by USP as 2.5% standard lactones, and they have also passed the test of Alkemist laboratory.


At the same time, brand owners are investing their own efforts to ensure the quality of their products. Gaia Herbs prevents counterfeiting by purchasing raw materials directly from the source, and only cooperates with high-quality producers and farmers who meet strict quality standards and trust. Detect DNA and use high performance liquid chromatography fingerprints to verify that every plant ingredient used in the product meets strict standards.


Third, Continuous Innovation Of Product Formulations.


The standardized Ashwagandha root powder is not particularly soluble, and there will be challenges in taste and solubility during food and beverage applications. Although certain brands of extracts, such as Sensoril and KSM-66, can provide a variety of dosage forms, for most suppliers and formulators, this will be an area of continuous improvement and innovation. Most people think that the taste of Ashwagandha is bitter and unpalatable, and this unpleasant taste will lead to its application. Therefore, capsules will still be a feasible and important dosage form for Ashwagandha.


The scientific understanding of Ashwagandha is advancing in key areas including biological responses that contribute to various health benefits, such as applications that reduce excessive cortisol secretion in response to stress and reduce inflammation. At the same time, research focused on improving athletic performance and overall cardiorespiratory efficiency has opened up new areas of use for Ashwagandha root and its products. In addition, applied research on cats, dogs, and horses has opened the door to the veterinary world.


Ashwagandha is already a well-recognized ingredient, and its market sales are also very good, but as new consumers ask for help to relieve stress and improve sleep quality, this herb will usher in a rapid market. development of. Currently, major CPG brands are using Ashwagandha. In the future, this herbal medicine will enter more mainstream products through a variety of dosage forms and categories.


This market is developed based on consumer demand for new dosage forms of herbal supplements other than traditional capsules and tinctures. New customers using natural products, especially young consumers, are interested in newer product formulations. This is why more and more herbal supplements, even bitter and spicy Ashwagandha, are now available in the form of beverages, chocolate, coffee, powder, gummies and candies to meet the growing demand.

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