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Seven Benefits of Soy Peptide

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·  Small molecule, easy to absorb

Soybean peptide is a small molecule protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body. The absorption rate is 20 times that of ordinary protein and 3 times that of amino acid. It is suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption, such as middle-aged and elderly people, post-operative recovery patients, and tumors. And chemoradiotherapy patients, gastrointestinal dysfunction and so on. Because the soy peptide molecule is very small, the soy peptide is washed with water and is a transparent, light yellow liquid; while the common protein powder is based on soy protein, soy protein is a macromolecule, so it is milky white after soaking. Liquid. Some soy peptide products in the market are mixed with a large amount of ordinary protein powder, which is milky white after being washed out, and is not easily digested and absorbed. Consumers should pay attention to identification when purchasing.

 Soybean Peptide .

· Improve immunity

Soy peptides contain arginine and glutamic acid. Arginine can increase the body's important immune organs - the volume and health of the thymus to enhance immunity; when a large number of viruses invade the human body, glutamate can produce immune cells and fight off the virus.


 ·   Quickly relieve fatigue, increase muscle strength

The fatigue caused by work and exercise refers to the decomposition and consumption of muscles from a physiological point of view. To eliminate fatigue, the most important thing is to “replenish the consumed amino acids in the right and fastest time.” Soy peptides are absorbed faster in the intestine than proteins and amino acids, and can be effectively absorbed by the body within 20 minutes. It does not need to consume human energy, which has an important role in obtaining sufficient amino acid source for the body, quickly repairing damaged muscles and eliminating fatigue. The human brain activates the repair function of the muscle by secreting growth hormone, and the muscle fiber is repaired thicker and stronger than before by repeated "sports-replenishing nutrition-rest" cycle. Supplementing soy peptides before exercise and exercise can reduce muscle protein degradation, maintain normal protein synthesis in the body, prevent muscle damage, and maintain long-lasting strength.


·    Lowering blood fat

When the body digests and absorbs cholesterol, it needs bile acid secreted by the gallbladder to help. Soy peptide stimulates duodenal secretion during absorption, causing strong contraction of gallbladder, promoting bile acidification and destroying absorption of cholesterol. Cholesterol is continuously discharged into the intestine with bile, and is brought into the large intestine, which reduces the absorption and utilization of cholesterol in the small intestine and large intestine, and achieves the purpose of lowering cholesterol;


·   Lowering blood pressure

Soy peptide can inhibit the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). Since ACE in blood vessels can convert angiotensin x to y, the latter can cause peripheral blood vessels to contract and blood pressure to rise. Soybean peptide can inhibit the activity of ACE, thus preventing the contraction of blood vessel terminals and lowering blood pressure. Soy peptide has no antihypertensive effect on normal blood pressure, so it has significant curative effect on patients with cardiovascular disease, and it is harmless in the face of normal human body, and it is safe and reliable;


·    Hypoglycemia

Soy peptides have a slow inhibitory effect on a-glucosidase. The a-glucosidase is distributed on the intestinal microvilli, and its function is to rapidly decompose the sugar for glucose in the body. Therefore, when the soybean peptide is mixed with other carbohydrates, sugars, etc., it is not affected by the amount of insulin secretion, and can A good effect of inhibiting the rise in blood sugar.


·    Promote fat metabolism, lose weight

Soy peptide can promote the activation of sympathetic nerves, induce the activation of brown adipose tissue function, and thus promote energy metabolism, which can effectively reduce body fat while maintaining the weight of skeletal muscle.


Japanese experts used white mice as a target to find BAT activity in brown adipose tissue that stimulated the production of heat, which increased with the increase in the amount of soy peptides. In addition, when taking soy peptides to young and obese people, it was found that the amount of subcutaneous fat was reduced, the amount of heat dissipation was increased, and basal metabolism was increased.




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