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Sports Nutrition Market Under the Epidemic

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Recently, with the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the physical industry has suffered a huge blow. Sports venues and gymnasiums around the world have also been closed one after another, and sporting events face delays or suspension.Sports Enthusiasts have to Adjust their Exercise Methods.

Although it is not possible to make a final assessment and conclusion on the impact of the epidemic on the real industry. But one thing is certain, both sports activities and mainstream nutrition may be affected in the next few years.


When the mainstream of sports nutrition leads to increased competition in the industry, the individualization and differentiation of enterprise products are particularly important.

The diversification of sports nutrition consumers has driven the change of new ingredients. Consumers have shifted their focus from macro components to micro components. On the basis of providing general health, they have also paid attention to the added value of products. Consumers are looking at sports nutrition in a more comprehensive way. Benefits in different aspects of endurance, sleep, joint health and mental performance. To supplement more benefit gaps through dietary supplements. For example, supplementing collagen products before exercise can maintain joint health and improve skin health, which is the goal pursued by many consumers.

In addition, customization may become the next craze to develop products based on consumer needs and goals, and this may inspire further product segmentation and the establishment of in-depth subcategories.

Main considerations for segmenting target markets

The growing consumer base is the biggest challenge facing manufacturers and a major opportunity for manufacturers.

For people who are seriously engaged in sports, one of the biggest needs is high-quality protein, which has been proven to support endurance, resilience and muscle development.


At the same time, more mainstream consumers are more likely to focus on goals such as satiety and weight management. They also expect the taste of the product, which means that the market can provide protein that will not damage the flavor.


Another notable area is the female market. According to data from FrieslandCampina, women account for an increasing proportion of the performance nutrition market, but they lack products tailored specifically for them. The focus of female activists is shifting from simple weight management to strengthening strength (37%), increasing muscle mass (32%) and promoting cognitive health (41%).



Because consumers in different regions have different perceptions of sports nutrition, regionality is another key factor for consumer differences. In areas where sports nutrition has been around for decades, more mainstream new consumers are expanding this category. Consumer awareness and participation in sports nutrition in emerging economies is growing. At the same time, related consumers in the field of basic sports nutrition products are also increasing.

In emerging regions such as China and India, consumers find that the additional benefits of protein and other nutrients can support an active lifestyle. The emergence of the Asian middle class has also made individual sports an important aspect of life, which shows that the benefits of sports nutrition are beginning to be recognized.

Focus on key ingredients



As a sports nutrition ingredient, it is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. Not only benefits from its superior antioxidant potential, but also from the additional benefits that have been clinically proven. Studies have found that during and after exercise, muscles will have severe inflammation, and natural astaxanthin can counteract these harmful processes, thereby preventing injuries.


Astaxanthin's growth in the field of e-sports is also very eye-catching. These consumers want to find products that can support cognitive functions, enhance concentration and improve vision. Natural astaxanthin is very suitable to meet this demand. Clinical studies have shown that natural astaxanthin can relieve fatigue, help to better focus, improve vision and support brain health.



Protein is still the king of sports nutrition. The two proteins contained in cow's milk are suitable for different training methods. Whey protein can be quickly digested and fully absorbed in about three hours, so it is recommended for resistance exercise; and the assimilation of micellar casein More gradual, it takes up to 7 hours, which means more recommended for endurance.


For protein, its quality is more important than quantity. It should be noted that not all proteins are as rich in leucine as whey protein, and most plant proteins are. In addition, ingesting the right amount of high-quality protein can also avoid ingesting extra amino acids that the body does not need.

Future trends

It can be predicted that the future sports nutrition industry will continue to develop to meet the needs of consumers.

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