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Stevia Leaf Extract, Besides Reducing Sugar, Is Also Antioxidant?

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As is known to all, stevia extracted from stevia leaves is a kind of natural high calorie sweetener with no calories. It has been widely used in the food and beverage industry and is becoming more and more detailed. Now, the world's first antioxidant stevia leaf extract is coming soon, which is a major innovation for food and beverage manufacturers.

 stevia extract

World's first commercial stevia leaf antioxidant

This antioxidant stevia product is the latest innovation from Malaysia-based PureCircle. As the world's leading producer and seller of high-purity stevia sugar, Poseco uses the power of this leafy plant to continuously promote the active development of the food and beverage industry, allowing brands to use natural sweetness without sacrificing taste Options provide consumers with healthier products while reducing calories. At this year's IFT annual meeting, Spectrum Pharma released this world's first commercial stevia leaf antioxidant, and decided to officially put it into use in 2018. Stevia leaves are native to South America and have a natural sweet taste. Stevia sugar sweeteners can be extracted from them to help food manufacturers produce low- or even-calorie products.


In fact, research has long found antioxidant compounds in this plant, but has not yet developed its commercial use. Although some researchers have been aware of the antioxidant properties of stevia leaves, globally, only Spectrum Pharma has separated these antioxidants through a unique extraction and purification process to obtain the first commercial antioxidant product. It is the first in the industry.


Antioxidant effect is much higher than coffee bean extract and green tea extract

At the IFT Annual Conference, Carolyn Clark, Director of Global Markets & Innovation at Spectrum, said: "The main antioxidant in stevia leaves is chlorogenic acid, which is also a well-known antioxidant in green coffee bean extract. Actual In the above, chlorogenic acid accounts for about 1.5% of the dry weight of leaves in stevia leaves, and the most common steviol glycoside Reb A content in stevia leaves is about six times that of chlorogenic acid. Although the content of chlorogenic acid is much less than Reb A, but it is of great value and significance to be able to isolate it and use it. In addition, it also means that Steco can make maximum use of stevia leaves to produce more functional products and reduce leaves that may have been wasted in the past. "


Clark also talked about the antioxidant effect of stevia leaf components. The ORAC value of the oxygen free radical absorption capacity of chlorogenic acid extracted from stevia leaves (an antioxidant index, the higher the value, the stronger the antioxidant capacity) is about 9000 μ mol TE / 100 g, much higher than coffee bean extract (ORAC value of 2500 μ mol TE / 100 g). The ORAC value of common blueberries is 9621 μmol TE / 100g, cranberry is 9090 μmol TE / 100g, and green tea is only 1253 μmol TE / 100g. (Data are derived from the oxygen radical absorption capacity of specific foods in the USDA database).


Antioxidant will become a new selling point for products containing stevia leaf extract


Foodaily understands that the company hopes to obtain GRAS certification in 2018 (US FDA evaluates the safety index of food additives, Generally Recognized as Safe), and then successfully develops stevia leaf antioxidant products in food and beverages. Application approach. At present, this antioxidant ingredient can be used in the field of dietary supplements, because the stevia leaf antioxidant is originally isolated and purified from the stevia leaf extract, so it can be directly applied to the diet without applying for a license to submit a new dietary supplement. Omit tedious steps in food.


At the same time, Clark also stated that Spectrum Pharma will also strive to establish a commercial production scale of antioxidant ingredients products, and sell this antioxidant as a separate commodity as well as other stevia sweeteners. Stevia leaf antioxidants are derived from natural plants, which not only have a mild flavor and taste, but also have the characteristics of clean labels. There are some similar plant-based antioxidants on the market, but there are always some shortcomings that are not long-lasting. Fortunately, the technical experts of Spectrum Sec have successfully developed and produced this subversive stevia leaf antioxidant.


At present, the company has provided samples of stevia antioxidants to some customers. The product is still in the trial and testing stage. It is expected to be released in the United States in 2018 first, and it will officially land in the European market shortly thereafter. Although the regulatory authority will approve the labeled name of the product, Paceco hopes to name it as "Stevia leaf extract (antioxidant)". Similar to super ingredients, stevia leaf extract is rich in nutrients and has significant health benefits. The effective antioxidant ingredients in the product can inhibit the generation and function of free radicals, and protect the body from damage to the body and cells caused by free radicals. 

Data analysis by market consulting company Mintel also shows that due to the growing consumer demand for a healthy lifestyle, the number of new products that have been marketed globally in the past five years has seen an increase in the number of product announcements with antioxidant claims by 18%. Faith Son, vice president of marketing and innovation at Spectrum, said, "Stevia as an antioxidant can not only help food and beverage companies bring more health benefits to consumers, but also bring uniqueness like some super ingredients. And high-quality flavor and mouthfeel. Although stevia leaves contain antioxidants, they can be effectively extracted and used, which is a major commercial advancement. "


Earlier this year, Prosecco completed the expansion of a $ 42 million stevia leaf plant in Malaysia, doubling the production of stevia leaf extract to meet the growing demand for stevia leaves in the global market.

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