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The Effect and Function of Marigold Extract Lutein

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Marigold Extract Lutein is a carotenoid found in plants, which has a high antioxidant capacity. Human eyes, including lens, retina and macula, have a very high concentration. Due to its protective effect on the eyes, the human body cannot make it by itself. Here is a list of several major roles and effects of marigold extract lutein.


1. Eyesight Protection

Marigold extract lutein has an important protective effect on macular degeneration in the retina, leading to macular degeneration and blurred vision in the absence of it.


2. Antioxidant effect

Marigold extract lutein has strong antioxidant effect, can inhibit the activity of the active oxygen free radicals, reactive oxygen free radicals to prevent damage to normal cells. The experiments show that active oxygen free radicals can react with DNA, protein, lipid, weaken their physiological functions, such as causing cancer, hardening of the arteries, and increases the rheological yellow degeneration disease and other chronic diseases occur. Lutein can through physical or chemical quenching effect inactivated singlet oxygen, thus protecting the body from harm, strengthen the body's immune ability.

3. Incidence Reduction of cataracts

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide in the eye, and the latest research proves that by increasing the intake of marigold extract lutein can achieve the purpose of birth rate, think its mechanism for the elderly in lower macular pigment density and high density is closely related to the lens in the vision, and higher visual density is considered to be a cataract lens obvious features of the disease.

 Marigold Extract

4. Delaying arteriosclerosis

Recent studies have shown that marigold extract lutein retards early arteriosclerosis progression. Mainly are the main artery vascular intima thickness change and the relationship between the lutein content in the blood. The blood lutein content is low, easy to cause the artery wall thickening, as lutein content increasing, the artery wall thickening trend lower, artery embolization was also significantly reduced. At the same time, the leaves yellow castle of arterial wall cells can reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.


5. Anticancereffect

Several studies have shown that lutein can inhibit many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer and skin cancer. According to a recent study by the New York university school of medicine, there is a strong relationship between the reduction of breast cancer incidence and lutein intake, and the investigation found that the incidence of breast cancer in the experimental group with low lutein intake was twice as high as that in the group with high intake (2.08~2.21).This effect may involve indirect immunomodulatory effects in conjunction with other organs and tissues. The study concluded that ingested lutein in the diet can not only inhibit tumor cancer but also prevent tumorigenesis. Authorities recommend that an average of 400 to 600 grams of fruit and vegetables per person per day reduce the relative risk of cancer by 50 percent.

 Marigold Extract

6. The side effects

In the known scientific literature, marigold extract lutein was administered at normal doses with no toxicity or side effects 9, and no toxic or adverse reactions were found to occur with Lutein and zeaxanthin, even when the dosage was raised to 40 mg/d (for 2 consecutive months).The safety of lutein for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is unknown, so it is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits. If long-term and large dosage is taken, the skin of hands and feet may become yellow. The reason is that the body is more sensitive to lutein, or a large number of vegetables and fruits rich in carotene are eaten. If the metabolism is not enough, the skin will become yellow. And carotenemia is harmless to human body, want to reduce to absorb only, the phenomenon that the skin changes yellow can fade gradually, need not worry overmuch so.


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