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The Efficacy and Function of Green Tea extract

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Green tea is made of new branch of tea tree without fermentation, filming for the first high-temperature to kill various oxidase, keeping the original color of green tea, and then made by rolling, drying. It is the most production and widely spread tea drinking in China. It is named green tea because of its green color after drying and brewing. Drinking green tea is a kind of art and enjoyment. In addition, what are the effects and functions of green tea?


1. Fat and weight losing

Modern medical research shows that green tea extract contains amino acids, phenolic derivatives, aromatic substances, vitamins, etc., and the comprehensive effect of these substances, especially the comprehensive effect of tea polyphenols with catechins and vitamin C, can promote fat burning and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood. Thus, for female friends, often drink green tea can help digestion, fat reduction.

 green tea

2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Prevention

The polyphenols in green tea extract dissolve fat, while vitamin C helps cholesterol get out of the body. Green tea also contains tea ganning, a substance that increases the strength of blood vessels, which are often consumed and are less likely to rupture. As a result, drinking green tea regularly can reduce the risk of death from heart disease.


3. Anti-aging

During the body's metabolic process, large star free radicals are produced and cells in the body are injured. Superoxide dismutase is a free radical scavenger, which can effectively remove excess free radicals and prevent the damage of free radicals to human body. The catechins in green tea extract can significantly increase the action activity of superoxide dismutase and remove free radicals. So, often drink green tea, can have the effect that delays ageing.


4. Bad breath prevention

The catechins contained in green tea extract can effectively inhibit caries generation and reduce the occurrence of dental plaque and periodontitis. In addition, the tannic acid in green tea has an antiseptic effect, preventing food waste from reproducing bacteria. Therefore, drinking green tea regularly can effectively prevent bad breath.


5. Indigestion improving

If it is acute diarrhea caused by bacteria, drink green tea to relieve indigestion.


6. Cancer prevention

Studies have shown that the main organic anticancer substances in green tea are theophylline, tea polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin E. The inorganic anticancer elements in tea mainly include selenium, molybdenum, manganese and germanium. In particular, theobromine and tea polyphenols, the combined effect of the two, in addition to the role of refreshing and refreshing, but also to enhance human immunity and prevent cancer.

 Green Tea is your new favourite drink

7. Ultraviolet light Prevention

The catechins in green tea extract have a strong antioxidant function. Ultraviolet light causes the skin to produce a lot of peroxides, which can make the skin rough and lose its elasticity. The peroxide (free radical) content in the skin can be reduced by more than 25 percent if the tea containing catechins is applied in advance, so drinking green tea can also help prevent sunburn.


8. Nerve cells protection

The polyphenols in green tea have a protective effect on nerve cells. Polyphenol compounds can activate the factors that support cell survival, inhibit the factors that lead to cell death and neurodegenerative changes, thus improving nerve cell survival rate and reducing nerve cell damage caused by acidic substances.


9. Cholesterol lowering

As mentioned above, the vitamin C in tea can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall and eliminate cholesterol.


10. Influenza prevention

Green tea contains tea acids that can be combined with influenza viruses to reduce infection of healthy cells.

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