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The Erythritol Market Is Hot

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Sugar has been fired up recently, and sucrose is more like a "sinner" who has been shown publicly because of crime; while erythritol is red and purple, the price has doubled and it is out of stock, and there is even an unprecedented shortage. Brand companies need Only bidding has the opportunity to buy raw materials.


0 Sucrose ≠ No Sugar

As an Internet celebrity brand with its own Internet gene, Yuanqi Forest has been frequently searched in recent years. The most recent one was a belated upgrade on milk tea on April 10th-the label was changed to change the label from 0 sucrose and low fat to low sugar and low sugar. Fat, while removing the crystalline fructose component from the ingredient list, a seemingly small thing, has caused a great market shock. Regarding the brand with the fuzzy concept of sugar, it is not just the brand of Yuanqi Forest. E-commerce platforms such as Taobao and are the hardest hit areas. Search for "0 cane sugar" and "no cane sugar" on the JD e-commerce platform. There are 15,000 and 86,000 respectively. The above products cover multiple categories such as beverages, snacks, pastries, dairy products and so on.

 stevia extract

As the "sugar control" wind blows in the food and beverage industry, "sugar-free" and "low-sugar" have become the "standard configuration" of many foods. Yuanqi Forest’s "apology and explanation" this time, apologizes for misunderstandings, and the new packaging uses clearer markings to reduce possible misunderstandings; this small step of Yuanqi Forest is likely to become a butterfly wing that triggers a hurricane in the industry. . Whether it will cause a series of "0 sucrose" product upgrades is also unknown.


Erythritol Bidding

The rise of Yuanqi Forest is inseparable from "sugar". In 2020, we said that the "sugar-free" concept of Yuanqi Forest has brought erythritol to the fire. The concept of 0 calorie 0 sugar natural meal replacement makes erythritol a new favorite; erythritol in 2021 Sugar alcohol has become hot, and the supply of raw materials is in short supply. Brand owners need to bid before they have the opportunity to buy raw materials.


In 1956, when Canadian spencer J.F.T and others studied the production of glycerol by hypertonic yeast, they discovered that hypertonic yeast can ferment sugars to produce erythritol. In 1990, Japan took the lead in establishing the industrialized technology for the production of erythritol by fermentation, and developed the application of the product in many fields, including candies, beverages, sweeteners and even drug coatings; Japan’s Ministry of Health, Welfare and Welfare revised it in August 1991 The measurement results of the "Energy Evaluation Method for Indigestible Sugars in Special Nutrition Foods" confirmed that the calorie of erythritol was 0 kcal/g, and was confirmed to be the only non-calorie sweetener. In 1997, erythritol obtained the GRA certification of the US FDA as a safe food ingredient. It can be used in bread, biscuits, cookies, chewing gum and other foods. In the United States, food packaging containing erythritol is allowed to be marked "Beneficial Tooth health" logo. In 1999, it was jointly approved by the World Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization as a special food sweetener, and its ADI (allowed daily dose) is "no requirement", which is the highest safety category, and its safety is officially recognized. In 2007, the Ministry of Health of my country announced that erythritol was approved as a sweetener to be used in chewing gum, solid beverages, and milk products, and added as needed. As a food ingredient, erythritol has been widely recognized by regulations in the international market.


It can be seen that the phenomenon of "0 sugar" not only makes more and more market investors pay attention to erythritol, but also brings the development of sugar substitute suppliers to a new stage of development.

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