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The main application area of stevia extract

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The main application area of stevia extract


1. Brief introduction of stevioside


Stevia extract is a natural sweetener with high sweetness and low calorie, high safety and no side effects. It has become the "third sugar source" in China after table sugar and beet sugar. It was approved by the FDA in 1995 as a food additive. In 1999, the national revised stevia standard (gb8270-1999) confirmed that stevia was used as food additive in the food industry.

stevioside is an ideal sweet food with low calorie content and contains only one percent of the calories of sucrose. When people eat stevia extract, the human body cannot decompose stevia and make it into glucose, which will not be absorbed by blood vessels. After digestion, it will be excreted in the form of fiber. The absence of excess calories can lead to obesity or increase glucose levels in diabetics. The clinical experiments of domestic and foreign food experts and medical experts have confirmed that this product has certain curative effect on diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular support, gastritis, oral disease, hyperacidity and so on. Therefore, diabetes, hypertension and obesity patients can be safely enjoyed.


2. Application of stevia glucoside


As a new sweetener, stevia extract is widely used in various food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical industries. It can be said that almost all sugar products can replace some or all of saccharin with stevia. Different types of products and stevia are added in different amounts, which need to be studied and tested repeatedly to select the best ratio to guarantee the product quality, taste and flavor.


Examples of stevia extract application products:

(1) tea: tea made with stevia leaves directly or with other raw materials can reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients, promote digestion in invigorating stomach, sober up wine and eliminate fatigue, and prevent and cure obesity, hypertension and dental caries. At present, in the domestic market, many tea drinks contain stevia ingredients, some have been sold to foreign markets.

(2) Drinks: soda, orange juice and all kinds of fruit juices, ice cream, etc.

(3) Dim sum: stevia mooncake, biscuits, etc., become food for nutrition, health care, and special needs of children and the elderly.

(4) Canned: canned fruit such as waxberry, orange, hawthorn, etc. Stevia in aquatic products and canned meat, etc., not only have the function of seasoning, but also have the function of antisepsis and prolonging the shelf life.

(5) Products of sublimation: pickled vegetables and pickled vegetables made with stevia sublimation, such as radish and pickled vegetables, with long shelf life. The addition of stevia can prevent the deterioration of aquatic protein and reduce the cost while improving the flavor of aquatic products. Such as a variety of canned fish, seaweed, and so on.

(6) Candied fruit, preserved fruit and fruit cakes: when stevia is applied to dried fruit of prunes, it is not only sweet but also delicious.

(7) Liquor: the addition of stevia sugar into fruit wines such as sea buckthorn and grape as well as liquor can reduce the tart taste and improve the flavor. It can also increase the foam, whiteness and durability of beer.

(8) Meat food: stevia can be added into food such as sausage, ham sausage and wax meat to improve flavor and prolong shelf life.

(9) Chewing gum and daily chemical products: the addition of stevia sugar into chewing gum and toothpaste can not only promote product sweetness, but also reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the mouth and reduce the occurrence of dental caries.  Stevia has been used in a variety of toothpastes, chewing gum and chemicals.

(10) Medicine: the ministry of health approved stevia for use in medicine in 1992.Many products have been developed, such as orange VC.

(11) Others: such as multi-flavor melon seeds, fool melon seeds, stevia, cigarettes, stevia milk powder, etc.


Foreign market application of stevia extract:

(1) Coca-Cola and cargill inc. are working to develop and introduce a natural, zero-calorie sweetener. Called Rebiana, the sweetener will satisfy consumers' demand for natural, low-calorie foods and drinks.

(2) GLG life science & technology group mainly invests in high-tech agriculture, life science & technology (health), higher education and other industries. Its development focuses are in the United States, Canada and China, and its investment focus is now further tilted to China. There is a huge demand for stevia.

(3) 30% of the Coca-Cola company low thermal version of Fanta Still, Eckes - Granini company Joker Vital Equilibre brand low sugar honey, and danone Taillefine care brand four fruit acid milk, the yogurt products claiming to be France's first for Stevia sweeteners lactic acid products, in fact, is also used in the product name for the name of the Stevia - Taillefine a l 'Stevia extract DE.

(4) Stevia extract is widely used in Korean soju, Japanese sake, foreign low-alcohol wine and and fruit wine.

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