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Tongkat Ali Extract 50:1 100:1 200:1 Wholesale for Male Sex Enhancement

Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade,Food
Brand Name:GHB
Specification:30:1 50:1 100:1 200:1
Appearance:Brown Powder
Test Method:UV
Function:Health Proctect,
Application:Pharmaceutical,Health Food,Cosmetic
Storage:Dry Place
Best Selling:tongkat ali extract
Male Enhancement: tongkat ali root extract

Product Description

Tongkat Ali

Product Name: Tongkat ali extract

CAS NO.: 557-61-9

Specification: 10:1 50:1 100:1 200:1

Active Ingredient: Tongkatali extract 

Molecular Weight: 354.31 

Molecular formula: C16H18O9

Test methed: TLC

Solubility: Good solubility in water

Tongkat Ali Extract Benifits

√ High potency aphrodisiac effects, with no side effects

√ Promising increase testosterone

√ Positive effects in improving stress hormone ratio

√ Improving semen volume, sperm motility, quality, and sperm concentration

√ Increasing libido, improving erectile function and improving overall sexual performance in men

√ Promoting weight loss in men

√ Enhancing muscle strength

√ Positive benefits on your immune system

√ Promising anticancer effects

Tongkat Ali Increase testosterone level


1, Increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction;

2. Increase muscle mass and strength;

3. Relax prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure;

4.Ease fatigue,strong spirit,promote physical fitness and agility; 

5. Anti-cancer,anti-oxidation,anti-rheumatic.


Tongkat Ali Extract and Sex
1. Aprodisiac
2. Enhances libido
3. Increases fertility
4. Improves sperm quality and quantity


Tongkat Ali Extract and Sport
1. Natural energizer 
2. Spermatogenesis, development of secondary male sexual characteristics, other metabolic functions
3. Increases in muscle mass hypertrophy
4. Increases power output

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tongkat ali 东革阿里 COA

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