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November 07, 2018
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Welcome our Australian Clients Visit Golden Horizon Biologics

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One of our Australian clients visit Golden Horizon Biologics on Feb. 11th, 2019.

The current share of natural ingredients in the total market is 40% to 45%, but this is expected to double by 2023. Natural ingredients’ susceptibility to microbial contamination and incompatibility with other ingredients compel manufacturers to employ technologies such as encapsulation. Controlled release technologies are also popular since they enhance the effectiveness of natural ingredients and widen margins by using highly effective, specialized active ingredients rather than commodities.The preference for natural ingredients is particularly strong among consumers from India and China, who have been exposed to traditional ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. 

natural ingredients

As is known to all, natural plant extract is widely used in dietary supplements, cosmetics, food & beverage, even if in animal feed.

It is a great idea that we are improving our health from the root---food we are eating, including all the meat, milk and eggs. "Natural ingredients bring people health, while chemicals bring people health problems." Said by our Australian clients William."Much more natural ingredients will be used for animal feed in the near future, they are perfect antibiotic alternative with no side effects."

As a manufacturer of natural ingredients, Golden Horizon Biologics keeps on supplying high quality animal feed ingredients to the world. 

animal feed ingredients

Yucca extract, is used for promoting animal growth and improving meat quality.

Marigold extract is used for improving meat & egg quality, also provide lutein nutrition. 

Astragalus extract is used for boosting animal's Immunity and Increasing survival rate.

Eucommia leaf extract is used for promoting animal growth,boosting animal's Immunity and reduce feed cost.

Haematococcus Pluvialis extract for boosting animal's immunity remarkably and a great colorant.

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