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What Do You Know About Freeze-Dried Fruits?

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1. Freeze-dried fruits are not cold

Freeze-dried fruits do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Freeze-dried fruits are only kept at low temperature during the production process, and after being dehydrated, they will be at room temperature. Freeze-drying, the full name is vacuum freeze-drying, is the fruit that is frozen at minus 38°, then sublimated and dehydrated in the Xinyu freeze dryer, and freeze-dried in a harsh vacuum environment.


2. Freeze-dried fruits are not as nutritious as fresh fruits

During the freeze-drying process, there will still be nutrient loss. It’s just that compared to other dried fruit preserves, it may be the most nutritious dried fruit in the earth*, so if you see someone on the online store saying that “freeze-dried nutrition is exactly the same as fresh fruit” product introduction At that time, the professional degree of the other party, you have the bottom.


3. Freeze-dried fruits also need to be preserved

Freeze-drying only reduces the moisture in the fruit and is not conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms. However, the freeze-dried fruit is still biologically active. For example, the freeze-dried powder in the beauty industry is active. The freeze-dried fruit is the same, and the chemical properties are also Need to take protective measures.


Fresh apple slices will oxidize and change color when placed in the air because the nature of the iron element has changed. Freeze-dried apple slices are the same as fresh apples, so they need protection. In addition, freeze-dried fruits are easy to absorb moisture in the air when placed in the air, so please do not expose freeze-dried fruits to the air.


4. It is necessary for freeze-dried fruit to be packed bulgingly

Some people feel that the bag of freeze-dried fruit is half empty and angry, but this is to prevent the fruit from colliding. Imagine if there are only potato chips in the potato chips, all you receive will be scum.

Moreover, it’s not air, it’s nitrogen. Friends, I often read the store reviews. Some customers say that they pour a variety of freeze-dried fruits into a jar so that you can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables at once. I’m really worried, you still Put him in a nitrogen bag and let nitrogen help it resist oxidation.


5. Not all freeze-dried fruits are crispy

I haven't understood this theory yet, but I have eaten freeze-dried apples, strawberries, mangoes, durians, pineapples, cantaloupes, jackfruits, Sydney, bananas, mulberries, dragon fruits, blueberries...I have eaten so many dried fruits. I can tell you responsibly, some are not crispy.


For example, the freshly made freeze-dried Yantai apples are not crispy, they have a soft texture and can be bitten by a 2-year-old child, but the sugar-hearted apples are crispy after freeze-drying. I guess it is related to the sugar content of the fruit itself. . What do you think?

But the crispy freeze-dried fruit will become soft if it is left in the air for a long time. So friends, if you eat it, *better eat it now and open it. If you can't eat it, remember to seal it.


6. Not all freeze-dried fruits are additive-free

For example, some freeze-dried fruits are added to become snowflake crisps, and some are coated on the surface. There are also freeze-dried vegetables with added flavorings. After all, the original taste of vegetables is not loved by everyone, but our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are all additive-free.

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