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What Must You Know About Tongkat Ali extract

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what must you know About Tongkat Ali extract

In the era of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, it seems that everything is accompanied by the adaptation of the original side. From superfood chocolates to functional tinctures, plant-based extracts are easier to obtain than ever.0


One adaptogen you're likely to see more of is Tongkat Ali, a herbal supplement whose root can be used as an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster. Not only can it enhance sexual health and performance, but it also be beneficial in male osteoporosis, diabetes, and anxiety. Read more below to learn about the health benefits of Tongkat Ali, dosage, reviews, and side effects.Learning more about the benefits and side effects of this adaptogen .Because while adaptogens are increasing in popularity, it's important to make educated and informed decisions about the ones you should actually be taking:


So, what are the benefits of taking Tongkat Ali extract?

Tongkat Ali Extract contains a variety of alkaloids, which can treat malaria, allergies, fever, etc. In addition, it also contains various elements to fight cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-rheumatic, anti-aging and aphrodisiac, because Tongkat Ali feels bitter Therefore, its extract can also be used as a bitter drink seasoning such as espresso.

1.Boosting kidney function

Strong kidney

Through its unique biochemical composition, it promotes the body to secrete more hormones, androgens, progesterone, etc. It can regulate human body secretion, balance the body's own yin and yang, enhance blood circulation and metabolism, and increase renal power.

2.Treating gout

Treating gout

Tongkat Ali contains a natural phytochemical ingredient of probenecid, which can effectively regulate human secretion, inhibit uric acid synthesis, and prevent uric acid from being precipitated in the form of crystals of sodium salt in human joints, cartilage, soft tissues, etc. Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Green Tea Extract, etc. produced by GHB have anti-cancer effects.



The beta-carboline substance in Tongkat Ali has a powerful therapeutic effect on lung cancer and breast cancer; the chemical composition of Auassinoid contains anti-tumor and anti-fever.

4.Promote fertility


Tongkat Ali extract can improve the quality of sperm, increase the number, size and movement speed of sperm, and it is also very effective in improving fertility.

5.Improve human immunity, physical fitness and eliminate fatigue

Tongkat Ali contains an Antioxidant Enzyme, an enzyme that resists the chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body.

6.Antipyretic function

Antipyretic function

Quissinoid extracted from Tongkat Ali has antipyretic and anti-fevering properties.

7.Treatment of prostatitis


Ali has three necessary conditions for the treatment of prostatitis:

(1) It can greatly improve human testosterone levels, improve human immunity, and enhance and nourish human gland function;

(2) It can use its unique and powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to act on the gonads of the human body;

(3) It can strengthen the blood circulation of the human body, help the drug to enter the prostate, promote the effect of the drug, and truly eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis.

OK, I want to try it! How much do I take and in what form?

Tongkat Ali consumption method

There are several ways to eat in Tongkat Ali - the original tablets soak in water, powder soaked in water, and infuse high-alcohol. Stew, "I like this powder because I smell it, taste it and see a yellow-brown fine powder."

As for the dose, it can be according to your needs. It is recommended that "if you are healthy, every morning and evening, every time 1-2g." For most people, if it is the right herbal for you, control the time of taking it according to your age and physical condition. If you don't see the benefits of it, it might be worth exploring other options. "

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