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High Quality Freeze Dried Fruit Powder
What is freeze drying? Freeze drying is known as lyophilization, lyophilization or freeze drying is a dehydration process that is often used to preserve perishable materials or to make materials easier to transport. Freeze-drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding press

What is freeze-dried fruit? Are freeze-dried fruits really health

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Freeze-dried dried fruits are dried fruits made by vacuum freeze-drying technology.

Reasons for freeze-drying technology:

Fruits and vegetables provide people with vitamins and other nutrients. In order to extend the shelf life of these foods, people have developed, sun-dried, dried, pickled, and cooked into canned fruits, but things like vitamins , The ability to withstand high temperatures is really poor, and once high temperatures are encountered, serious losses will occur. Where there is need, there is creation, so people full of wisdom have developed cryogenic processing technology ~ freeze drying technology.

2Freeze Dried Fruit

Briefly introduce this vacuum freeze-drying technology.

As the name suggests, the vacuum freeze-drying technology is to freeze the food at more than 30 degrees below zero, then put it in a vacuum freeze dryer, and then sublimate and dehydrate the food to remove most of the water in the food, like the dried fruit dehydration of Chaohua Xishi The rate can reach more than 98%.

Of course, the sublimation temperature is also relatively low, vacuum + low temperature, which determines that the freeze-drying technology is very friendly to vitamins.

Compared with other technologies, freeze-drying technology can reduce the damage of food nutrition, structure, and biochemical effects. The color and shape of freeze-dried food are almost unchanged, and the disappearance of water not only makes the microorganisms not conducive to the survival of the food, but also prolongs the shelf life of the food, and also greatly reduces the weight, making it easier to carry and transport.

Freeze Dried Fruit

Commonly used in pharmaceutical products, freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, freeze-dried yogurt, freeze-dried porridge, freeze-dried vegetable soup

Freeze-dried food has a loose structure and is easy to absorb moisture in the air, and it can be restored to its original shape after absorbing water. Therefore, after freeze-drying, pay attention to the packaging, generally stored in vacuum or nitrogen gas. If the freeze-dried food you buy does not have the above anti-corrosion Measures, then it will come into contact with oxygen in the air, and it will rot in a relatively short period of time as before it was freeze-dried. Therefore, it is recommended to eat it as soon as possible after opening. If you don’t eat it, remember to release the air, seal it, and freeze it in the refrigerator. .

But as long as it is freeze-dried and stored under nitrogen, it can be stored for a long time. Take the dried apples of Chaohua Xishi as an example. The shelf life of dried apples that are freeze-dried and nitrogen-filled can be as long as 18 months. . In addition, the dried apples (peeled and sliced) after opening are as white as fresh apples, with the same fresh and sweet taste, and turn yellow after being left in the air for a long time. It means that he is really fresh~ The nutrition preservation is also very good.

Freeze-dried fruit does not involve fat due to processing technology. By the way, freeze-dried is also called "FD". If you see "VF", be careful not to be induced by its advertising words. It is not freeze-dried. , He is a low temperature oil bath, full name vacuum low temperature oil bath drying, and vacuum freeze drying technology is different.

Vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips contain more than 10% oil and need to be preserved with preservatives. Relatively speaking, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are healthier because they are non-fried and have higher nutrition.

Many ingredients of freeze-dried fruits are only fresh fruits, and some individuals will add some sugar. For example, strawberries need to add sugar to neutralize the acidity. Then you need to pay attention to it. Freeze-dried fruits are low-fat, and when dehydrated, they become very strong. The relative calories are not high. Some businesses sell freeze-dried fruits that are white on the outside. They are called "collagen". In fact, Just brush a layer of chocolate on the outside, so that the taste will be better, but the calories will be higher.

After freeze-drying, it needs antiseptic and anti-oxidation, otherwise it will be like a bite apple, oxidized, discolored and tasted, and will absorb moisture in the air. At present, the best treatment method is to freeze-dry the fruit and immediately fill it with nitrogen for antiseptic and anti-oxidation. Chaohuaxishi’s dried fruit is just like this, very rigorous and healthy, and can also be eaten by children and pregnant women.

Freeze-dried dried fruit grows like this, it is visible to the naked eye, but the shape is full, the taste is dry, and most of them are crispy.

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